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Neff Fan Oven Motor

Neff Fan Oven Motor

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Beko Cooker Fan Oven Motor

Beko Cooker Fan Oven Motor

Diplomat Fan Oven Motor
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Diplomat Fan Oven Motor

  • Stock Code: PA613
  • Brand:  Low Cost Parts
  • Compatible Spare Part



In stock, immediate dispatch  

In stock, immediate dispatch

Product Details

Low cost compatible oven fan motor to fit Hygena / Diplomat oven and cooker models as shown.


  • Oven Fan Motor
  • 32 Watt Fan Motor

Fits these models:

ADP3110, ADP3112, ADP3114, ADP3120, ADP3702, ADP3722, ADP3742, ADP4220, ADP4230, ADP4500, ADP4501, ADP4502, ADP4504, ADP4505, ADP5012, ADP5014, ADP5015, ADP5062, ADP5063, ADP5069, ADP5072, ADP5074, ADP5075, ADP5142, ADP5152, ADP5192, ADP5193, ADP5199, ADP5242, ADP5302, ADP5304, ADP5314, ADP5323, ADP5324, ADP5404, ADP5406, ADP5424, ADP5426, ADP5514, ADP5515, ADP5613, ADP5614, ADP5615, ADP5714, ADP5720, ADP5734, ADP5735, ADP5740, ADP5741, ADP5751, ADP5754, ADP5764, ADP5765, ADP5814, ADP5820, ADP5824, ADP5834, ADP5835, ADP5854, ADP5864, ADP5865, APL3401, APL3491, APL4301, APL4318, APL4328, APL4391, APL4406, APL4416, APL4426, APL4446, APL4456, APL4466, APL4476, APL5210, APL5220, APL5511, APL5521, APL5702, APL5742, APL5747, APL5752, APL5757, APL5761, APL5762, APL5771, APL5772, APL5811, APL5813, APL5821, APL5823, APL5844, APL5854, APL5893, AHY4132, AHY4134, AHY4144, AHY4501, AHY4502, APL3318, APL3328, APL3413, APL3418, APL3423, APL3428, APL3443, APL4212, APL4215, APL4222, APL4225, APL4245, APL4311, APL4313, APL4316, APL4317, APL4321, APL4326, APL4327

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