Cooling Fan Motor Tricity Bendix

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Genuine oven cooling fan motor to fit Tricity Bendix oven and cooker models shown.


  • Oven Cooling Fan Motor
  • 16 Watts Fan Motor
  • Type 86744

Fits these models:

ATB3441, ATB3451, ATB3510, ATB3511, ATB3520, ATB3521, ATB4411, ATB4421, ATB4510, ATB4511, ATB4520, ATB4610, ATB4611, ATB4620, ATB4621, ATB45121, BD900/2B, BD900/2W, BD910B, BD910BNA, BD910W, BD910WNA, BD911B/1, BD911W/1, BD920BNA, BD920WNA, BS621B/1, BS621W/1, BS630BNA, BS660B, BS660W, TBD903BK, TBD903W, TBD913B, TBD913SV, TBD913W, TBD950WH, TBD950X

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