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Neff Fan Oven Motor

Neff Fan Oven Motor

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New World Fan Oven Motor

New World Fan Oven Motor

Beko Oven Fan Motor
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Beko Oven Fan Motor

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  • Brand:  Low Cost Parts
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In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Low cost replacement fan oven motor for Beko, Belling, Leisure, New World and Stoves oven and cooker models shown.


  • Fan Oven Motor
  • Alt to 264900001
  • Plaset M1005

Fits these models:

422, 422B, 4700I-B, 4700TI-B, 4700TW-B, 4700TW, 4710SP, 4770SPE, 477, 52C, 5411N, 564, 566, 6003, 62C, 6540, 9505TW, 9505TX, 9515T, 9515TN, 9615T, B1112, B3R1HI-2, B4R-2G, BCS1934NS, BCS1934NW, BCS312HB, BCS312HS, BCS5632CT, BCS5636T, BCS5644, BCS5648, BCS5648K, BCS6500STD, BCS6632T, BCS66ME, BCS66MM, BCS9441CT, BCS9441CTA, BD5636H, BEF14T, BEN6144Y, BFD5531C, BFD5631MR, BG302, BG5636H, BG5638, BGM15320DX, BGR6441, BGR6441T, BGR6461, BH56410, BH6411, BH66410, BH810N, BH820N, BH920N, BI810A, BI920, BI950I, BK-6307, BK1505T, BK16636DK, BK4200, BK4700, BK4700TB, BK4700TI-B, BK4700TRB, BK4700TRW, BK4710SP, BK4760SPE, BK4770SPE, BK5411, BK6222, BK6230NS, BK6311N, BK6411, BK6411N, BK6511N, BK6520, BK6636DK, BK6636S, BK6638DK, BK9441CT, BK9615T, BKD4200, BKD4200NB, BKD4200NW, BKD4700, BKD4700NI, BKD4710, BKF-5307, BKF-6307, BKF-6307C, BKF-6307H, BKF-6307M/BKF-6309AC, BKF-6716, BKF6307HC, BKS4200NB, BKS4200NW, BKS4700NI, BKS6461, BLM5632S, BMF64, BMM6638S, BO/BH810N, BO/BH950, BO/BH950W, BP1505TB, BP5411, BP6550ST, BP9441CT, BP9515TC, BPM5632W, BPM5632WT, BR1503TWN, BR1505T, BR171H, BR1833, BR1834, BR1933NB, BR1934NB, BR1934NBR, BR1934NS, BR201H, BR211HB, BR302H, BR312HB, BR312HS, BR4700TI-A, BR4700TI-B, BR4760SPE, BR6411, BR6411BR, BR6411S, BR6461, BR6500, BR9441C, BR9441CTA, BR9505TX, BR9515TA, BR9517TA, BR9605MX, BREF1605T, BREF6400, BREF6500, BREF6500WN, BRF5644, BRF5644BR, BRF5644S, BRF5648, BRF5648A, BRF5648K, BRF5648S, BRM6632T, BSM6634T, BVN7133A, BVN7133Y, BVN7144Y, CMTF94C, D6222K, D6225K, D6311, D6411, D6411NB, D6511, DC212B, DC212G, DC212W, DC3511, DC3521, DC3521G, DC3521S, DC3631G, DC3631S, DC3631W, DCC4521G, DCC4521S, DCC4521SI, DCC4521W, DCC4531S, DK9505X, DV5522, DV5522G, DV5522S, DV5522W, DV5523S, DV5531B, DV5531S, DV5631B, DV5631G, DV5631S, DV5632S, DVC61, DVC61S, DVC61W, DVC62, DVC6522, DVC6531, DVC6531B, DVC6531G, DVC6631B, DVC6631G, ET5604H, ET5604HA, FM562, FM562IS, FM662, FM662IT, FM662ITS, FM662T, FM668TW, GE12120DX, GE12121DX, GE15120DX, GG15125DXPR, GM15020DX, GM15120DAPR, GM15120DX, GM15120DXPR, GM15121DX, GM15321DX, GM17300GX, GM17320DXPR, HJA5093, M6604CTA, M6604CTW, M6604GCTS, M6604GX, M6604HTW, MAC6520AF, MAC8000, PS-20B, PS-20POP, PS-20POPW, PS-20W, RMS6EMK, V22H, V31H, V4, V4G, V4H, V4HT, V4HTB, V4HTG, V4HTGA

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Beko Fan Oven Motor

Beko Fan Oven Motor

Genuine replacement fan oven motor for Beko ovens and cookers.

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