Carbon Brushes For Miele Washing Machine

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Washing Machine
Carbon Brushes
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These compatible Miele carbon brushes are just what you need to get your washing machine motor working again.


  • Washing Machine Carbon Brushes
  • 2 Carbon Brushes
  • Includes Holder
  • Alternative Number 4297414

Fits these models:

W106, W108, W110, W115, W118, W120, W130, W131, W132, W134, W135, W140, W141, W142, W143, W144, W145, W146, W147, W148, W149, W150, W151, W153, W155, W160, W161, W162, W163, W165, W167, W168, W173, W174, W180, W183, W193, W200, W204, W205, W207, W211, W212, W217, W227, W237, W247, W250, W254, W255, W257, W261, W262, W267, W277, W287, W297, W300, W302, W303, W304, W305, W306, W307, W308, W309, W310, W311, W312, W313, W315, W317, W320, W322, W323, W327, W330, W332, W333, W337, W340, W341, W342, W343, W347, W349, W351, W352, W353, W355, W357, W360, W361, W362, W363, W367, W370, W373, W374, W375, W376, W377, W381, W383, W387, W400SB, W402SB, W404SB, W405SB, W406SB, W407SB, W408SB, W409SB, W410SM, W412SM, W413SM, W414SM, W415SM, W416SM, W417SM, W418SM, W419SM, W421SR, W423SR, W424SR, W425SR, W426SR, W427SR, W428SR, W430S, W432-E, W432S, W433-E, W433S, W435-E, W435S, W437-E, W437S, W439-E, W439S, W440S, W441S, W442S, W443S, W444S, W445S, W447S, W449S, W450S, W451-E, W451S, W452-E, W452S, W453-E, W453S, W455S, W457-E, W457S, W459-E, W459S, W460S, W461S, W463S, W467S, W470S, W471S, W473S, W475S, W476S, W477S, W479S, W489S, W489SI, W500, W502, W504, W505, W506, W507, W508, W509, W513, W522, W524, W525, W526, W527, W528, W529, W531, W540, W542, W544, W550, W552, W553, W555, W556, W558, W559, W560, W562, W564, W565, W575, W584, W600, W601, W604, W605, W614, W616, W617, W624, W625, W627, W635, W643, W647, W660, W664, W665, W674, W677, W678, W684, W687, W688, W693, W697, W698, W699, W700, W701, W701W, W711, W713, W714, W715, W718, W722, W731, W732, W734, W735, W736, W737, W738, W790, W795, W796, W797, W798, W799, W800, W801, W802, W803, W804, W805, W806, W807, W808, W809, W810, W811, W812, W816, W817, W818, W819, W820, W821, W822, W823, W824, W825, W827, W828, W829, W830, W831, W832, W833, W834, W835, W836, W837, W838, W839, W840, W841, W842, W843, W844, W845, W850, W851, W852, W853, W854, W855, W857, W859, W861, W862, W863, W864, W865, W866, W867, W870, W872, W873, W874, W875, W876, W877, W878, W901, W902, W903, W904, W905, W906, W907, W908, W909, W910, W911, W912, W913, W914, W915, W916, W917, W918, W919, W921, W922, W923, W925, W927, W929, W930, W930I, W931, W931I, W933, W934, W935, W936, W937, W939, W941, W947, W948, W952, W953, W957, W959, W960, W961, W963, W965, W968, W969, W970, W971, W972, W973, W974, W979, W980, W985, W986, W987, W989, W989I, W1113, W1119, W1203, W1213, W1215, W1511, W1512, W1513, W1514, W1515, W1522, W1523, W1534, W1611, W1612, W1613, W1614, W1615, W1616, W1620, W1622, W1623, W1634, W1662, W1664, W1712, W1713, W1714, W1715, W1716, W1723, W1724, W1726, W1730, W1733, W1734, W1735, W1740, W1743, W1744, W1747, W1749, W1754, W1756, W1762, W1764, W1774, W1779, W1780, W1901, W1902, W1903, W1904, W1906, W1908, W1909, W1912, W1913, W1914, W1916, W1918, W1926, W1930, W1930I, W1934, W1935, W1944, W1945, W1946, W1948, W1949, W1954, W1960, W1964, W1966, W1978, W1979, W1986, W1989, W1994, W2100, W2102, W2104, W2105, W2108, W2120, W2121, W2122, W2123, W2126, W2127, W2129, W2140, W2141, W2143, W2361, W2364, W2365, W2440, W2441, W2443, W2444, W2445, W2446, W2447, W2448, W2460, W2461, W2465, W2468, W2505, W2514, W2515, W2518, W2521, W2522, W2523, W2525, W2527, W2552, W2553, W2557, W2572, W2573, W2577, W2584, W2585, W2587, W2622, W2623, W2627, W2652, W2653, W2657, W2659, W2659I, W2809, W2809I, W2819I, W3100, W3102, W3104, W3105, W3114, W3120, W3121, W3122, W3123, W3131, W3132, W3133, W3143, W3164, W3202, W3203, W3204, W3205, W3213, W3214, W3215, W3222, W3224, W3225, W3228, W3239, W3240, W3241, W3242, W3243, W3244, W3245, W3246, W3248, W3250, W3251, W3253, W3255, W3260, W3261, W3264, W3266, W3268, W3271, W3281, W3285, W3360, W3361, W3364, W3365, W3370, W3371, W3374, W3375, W3385, W3440, W3441, W3444, W3446, W3448, W3465, W3505, W3514, W3515, W3521, W3522, W3523, W3525, W3527, W3553, W3557, W3574, W3575, W3722, W3724, W3725, W3732, W3740, W3741, W3743, W3744, W3745, W3748, W3750, W3764, W3780, W3781, W3791, W3813, W3821, W3822, W3823, W3824, W3825, W3826, W3830, W3831, W3833, W3834, W3835, W3836, W3838, W3840, W3841, W3844, W3845, W3854, W3855, W3870, W3902, W3903, W5722, W5723, W5724, W5725, W5733, W5736, W5737, W5740, W5741, W5745, W5748, W5780, W5781, W5791, W5794, W5820, W5821, W5824, W5825, W5828, W5829, W5830, W5831, W5834, W5835, W5836, W5837, W5839, W5840, W5841, W5843, W5844, W5846, W5847, W5855, W5857, W5858, W5859, W5864, W5866, W5867, W5902, W5903, W5904, W5905, WS5425, WS5426, WS5435, WS5436, WSE5425, WSE5426, WT745, WT746, WT943, WT945, WT945S, WT946, WT946I, WT946IS, WT946S, WT2670, WT2679, WT2679I, WT2780, WT2789I, WT2790

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2 Reviews:

Speedy delivery
07 January 2024  |  Judith

Was easy to use the site. Found the model of my machine and the part I needed. It was despatched straight away and arrived 3 days later. Due to Royal Mail and Christmas.

Fast delivery
10 November 2022  |  John

These brushes fixed my washing machine.The price was very competitive with next day delivery.