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Candy Washing Machine Element 1950W
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Candy Washing Machine Element 1950W

  • Stock Code: CAN91201638
  • Brand:  Candy
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock, immediate dispatch  

In stock, immediate dispatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement Candy washing machine element.


  • Candy Heater Element
  • 1950 Watt Element

Fits these models:

ACS1040, ACS1040SY, ACS65SY, ACS840, ACS840SY, AM1042S H/C, AQ100TR, AQ130/1T-80, AQC101TR, AQC102TR, AQUAVIVA110T, AQUAVIVA120T, AQUAVIVA125T, AQUAVIVA130T, AQUAVIVA141T, C1145-14S, C1025-37, C105TXT-16S, C1105-14S, C1125-14S, C1145-84, C125TXT-16S, C145TXT-84, C1506-01S, C1507-01S, C1508-01S, C2105-84, C2115-47, C2125-84, C2145-47, C2075-01, C2075-47, C2085-16S, C2085-RU, C2085.5, C2095-16S, C2095-RU, C2105-47, C2105-86S, C2105-RU, C2125-47, C2125-86S, C2145-84, C2145-86S, C2510-01S, C2512-01S, CB102TR, CB1053TR, CB50AT, CB52TCKD, CB60AT, CB613TR, CB63TR, CB63TRCKD, CB813TR, CB823TR, CBD100-16S, CBD110-47, CBD120-16S, CBD125-14, CBD125-84, CBD130-16S, CBD140-47, CBD1425, CBD1425-14, CBD145-01S, CBD145-84, CBD145P14, CBD60-85, CBD70 IT, CBD80-85, CBE1025T, CBE1025TS5, CBE1225T, CBE130TV47, CBE1425T, CBE825, CBE87, CBE88, CBL100, CBL120, CBL140UK, CBL90, CE450, CG1054, CGA814R, CHIARA553AT, CHIARA742SET, CHIARA85AA, CHIARA90AA, CJ463, CJ464, CJ473, CJ514, CJ534AT, CJ643T, CJE813, CN100T, CN105T, CN40, CN402/F, CN40, CN43, CN44, CN450 UK, CN50, CN55, CN60, CN63, CN641TCKD, CN65, CNA135-80, CNA145-80, CNE100TV, CNE101T, CNE103T-04S, CNE108T, CNE109T, CNE110TV47, CNE128T, CNE128TV-01S, CNE138T, CNE148T, CNE148TSY, CNE78T, CNE85TS, CNE85TV, CNE88T, CNE88TV47, CNE89T, CNL085-03S, CNL105-37S, CNL125-84S, CNL135AQ-80, CNL145-83S, CNL59-04S, CNL69-01S, CS085TXT-03S, CS085TXT-RU, CS105TXT, CS105TXT-16S, CS1105-16S, CS115TXT-01, CS115TXT-03, CS125TXT, CS125TXT-16S, CS2 084-03, CS2 094-03, CS2 104-03, CS2075-01, CS2084-RU, CS2085-03S, CS2085-16S, CS2094-RU, CS2104-RU, CS2105-01, CS2105-03S, CS2105-16S, CS2108-RU, CS2115-16S, CS2125-16S, CS2125-RU, CS288-RU, CSBE100TV-03, CSBE640TR, CSBE740TR, CSBE840TS5, CSBL100, CSBL100 SY, CSBL75, CSBL75 SY, CSBL85, CSBL85 SY, CSD100-01, CSD100-03S, CSD120-03S, CSD80, CSD85, CSD85-03S, CSN52AT, CSN62AT-01S, CSN62T, CSN62T-03S, CSNE103TV-03, CSNE82T-01S, CSNE93TV-03S, CSNL085-03S, CSNL105-03S, CSW105-03, CT1096TXT, CT1496TXT, CTA102 FI, CTA104AA, CTA123 FI, CTA84AA, CTA85, CTA85AA, CTA8AA, CTAS127, CTAS127AA, CTAS12AA, CTAS13AA, CTD105, CTD105 DE, CTD105 SY, CTD105TV, CTD1060, CTD10AA, CTD115AA, CTD1160AA, CTD11AA-01, CTD120AA, CTD125 DE, CTD125 SY, CTD125TV, CTD1260 AA, CTD133SY86, CTD135AA, CTD90AA-01, CTD9AA, CTE101, CTE101 FI, CTE104 SY, CTE111, CTE121, CTE121LE-16, CTE7AA, CTE81, CTE85TV, CTG100-37, CTG1056-01, CTG1056AA, CTG1056SY, CTG105SY, CTG1156LE, CTG1166GOLD, CTG122AA, CTG125-84, CTG1256AA, CTG1256SY, CTG125SY, CTG126AA, CTG1276-47, CTG136AA, CTG145-84, CTG1456SY, CTG146AAA, CTG85-01, CTG856SY, CTG85SY, CTG956LINE, CTG95SY, CTH107-01, CTH1076SY, CTH107SY, CTH1176LINE, CTH117SY, CTH120-37, CTH125AA, CTH127-01, CTH1270AA, CTH1276-01, CTH1276SY, CTH127SY, CTH136AA, CTH145AA, CTH146AAA, CTH1476-01, CTH1476AAA, CTH1476SY, CTH147SY, CTI910-04, CTI910-ARG, CTL105TV, CTR69T, CTS100 DE, CTS100 SY, CTS101SY, CTS102-AR, CTS102SY04, CTS10AA, CTS11AA, CTS120 DE, CTS120 SY, CTS121, CTS12AA, CTS130DE, CTS40SY, CTS50, CTS52, CTS6, CTS60, CTS60AR, CTS6A, CTS80, CTS82, CTS85AA, CTS8AA, CTS9AA, CTY1035AA, CTY103SY, CTY1046SY, CTY104SY, CTY10AA, CTY113SY, CTY114SY, CTY1246SY, CTY1250AA, CTY12AA, CTY13-47AA, CTY835-37AA, CTY835AA, CTY84SY, CTY8546SY, CTY93SY, D.QUICK120TR, D.QUICK130TR, D.QUICK131, GO105-01, GO145-84, GO510-07S, GO510-16S, GO5100D-16S, GO511-16S, GO512-16S, GO514-86S, GO75-01, GO85-01, GO85-07S, GO95-07S, KITCB83TR, KITCB83TSM, KITCN541T, KITCN541TSM, KITCN642T, KITCN642TSM, LADYC.623CKD, MILOGIC1041, MYLOGIC1041A, MYLOGIC741, MYLOGIC841AC, SEL.743SETR, ZM561CKD

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