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Hotpoint Washing Machine Drum Paddle

Hotpoint Washing Machine Drum Paddle

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Candy Washing Machine Drum Paddle
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Candy Washing Machine Drum Paddle

  • Stock Code: CAN41021914
  • Brand:  Candy
  • Genuine Spare Part

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Same day dispatch before 2pm

Genuine replacement drum paddle to fit select Candy washing machines.


  • Candy Washing Machine Drum Paddle
  • Lifter Paddle

Fits these models:

CKDGO86/1, CKDGOKF086, CKDGOKF710, CO105DF-16S, CO105F-16S, CO105F/1-16, CO106.5F-12, CO106F-03S, CO106F/1-03, CO106F/2-03, CO107F-37S, CO116F-47, CO116F/1-47, CO116F/2-47, CO117F-47, CO126F-47, CO126F-84S, CO126F/1-84S, CO126F/2-84, CO127DF-12, CO127DF/2-1, CO127DF/3-1, CO136F-47, CO146DF-84, CO146DF/1-84, CO146F-14S, CO146F-84, CO146F/1-14, CO146F/2-14, CO166F-14S, CO166F-84, CO166F/1-14S, CO166F/2-14, CO372S-47, CO373-47, CO373/L-47, COS105DF, COS105DF-16S, COS105DF/2-, COS105F-36S, COS105F/1-16, COS125D-16S, COS125D/1-1, CWB0806-01S, CWB1006-01S, CWB1206-80S, EVO1072D-01, EVO1072D-S, EVO1272D-37, EVO1274LW-S, EVO1372D2-4, EVO1472D2-47, EVO1473DW-0, EVO1473DW-S, EVO1672D-S, EVO1673DW-S, EVO41072D-01, EVO41072D-S, EVO41273DW, EVO41274LW-, GO066-04S, GO086-04S, GO086-85S, GO4D107-66, GO4DF86/1-6, GO4DS107-66, GO4F085-01S, GO4F086-01S, GO4F106-16S, GO4F106-UK, GO4F106/1-1, GO4F106/2, GO4L127-66, GO4LS127-66, GO4W264-07S, GO4W264-47, GO4W264D-UK, GO4W464-80, GO86/1-01, GO106-04S, GO106-16S, GO106CKD, GO106DF-01, GO106DF-16S, GO106DF/1-1, GO106/1-01, GO106/1-16S, GO106/1-37, GO107DF/1, GO107DF/2-01, GO107DF/2-S, GO107DF/3-0, GO107DFS-UK, GO107/2-16S, GO107/3-16S, GO125-16S, GO126-16S, GO126DF-16S, GO126DF/1-16, GO126/1-14, GO126/1-36S, GO126TXT-42S, GO127DF-18, GO127DF/1-1, GO127DF/2-1, GO127/1-89S, GO127/2-89S, GO136/1-14, GO136L-47, GO145-86S, GO145/1-84, GO145/2-84, GO146-86S, GO146DF-03S, GO146DF-84, GO146DF/1-8, GO146DF/1-84, GO146/1-14, GO146/1-84, GO147DF/1-4, GO147DF/1-8, GO147DF/1-S, GO147DF/2-4, GO166-86S, GO166DF-84, GO166DF-86, GO166DF/1, GO166/1-14, GO166/1-84, GO166/1-86S, GO167DF-89S, GO167DF/1-8, GO471ED-47, GO485-01, GO510/1-16S, GO610.5-12S, GO612.5D-12S, GO612/1-47, GO613/1-47, GO614/1-47, GO710-49, GO760-JL, GO860DF/1, GO870DF/1, GO1060D-37S, GO1060D/1-01, GO1062D-01, GO1062D-04OS, GO1065D-37S, GO1070D, GO1070D/1, GO1160D-37S, GO1260D-37S, GO1260DX-37S, GO1262D-12, GO1272D/1-1, GO1275LS, GO1452D-84, GO1460D-14, GO1460D-36S, GO1460D-84, GO1460DH-03S, GO1462D-14, GO1462D-36S, GO1462D/1-36, GO1472DE-01, GO1472DEHC-, GO1660D-86S, GO1662D-86S, GO1672D-89S, GO4085-06S, GO4086-01, GO4105-16S, GO4105/1-16S, GO4106-01, GO4106-16S, GO4106-47, GO4106DF-01, GO4106DF-16S, GO4106DF/1, GO4106DF/2, GO4106/1-16S, GO4106TXT-07, GO4107-47, GO4107DF-01, GO4107DF-16, GO4107DF-UK, GO4107DF/1, GO4126-16S, GO4126DF-16S, GO4126DF/1, GO4126TXT-16, GO4127-47, GO4127DF-89, GO4127DF/1-, GO4136-47, GO4146-80, GO4611-47, GO4755-JL, GO6120D-37, GO41060D/1, GO41060DS/1, GO41062D-16S, GO41062D/1, GO41062D/2, GO41064D-16S, GO41064D/1, GO41262D-01, GO41262D-16S, GO41262D/1, GO41264D-01, GO41264D-16S, GO41264L-36S, GO41272D-16, GO41272D/1-, GO41274L-01, GO41274L-16, GO41274L/1, GOF086-01S, GOF106-16S, GOF106/1-16, GOF106/2-16, GOF107-UK, GOF107/3-36, GOF107/4-36, GOF125-01S, GOF126-01S, GOF127/1-37, GOF127/2-S, GOF127/3-47, GOF136-14S, GOF137/1-47, GOF146-14S, GOF146-47, GOF146-84, GOF146/1-14, GOF146/1-47, GOF146/1-84, GOF146/2-84, GOF147/1-01, GOF166-14S, GOF166-84, GOF166/1-14S, GOF166/1-84, GOF166/2-84, GOF462-80, GOF462/2-80, GOF462S-80, GOF472/1-80, GOF472/3-80, GOF510/1-16S, GOF662-80, GOF662B/1-80, GOF662S/1-80, GOFS262-80, GOFS262/1-80, GOFS262S-80, GOFS262S/1, GOFS272-80, GOFS272B/1-, GOFS272/1-80, GOFS272S-80, GOFS272S/1, GOK107DF-SY, GOK107DSEG, GOKF086/1, GOKF87-SYR, GOKF710/1, GOW164-10S, GOW264D-03S, GOW264D-12, GOW464-01S, GOW464-47, GOW464-80, GOW464D-86S, GOW465-01S, GOW465D-86S, GOW465D-UK, GOW546-47, GOW556-47, KITGO610SKD, SKDGO107, SKDGO610UZB, VHF612-84, WT1264E

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