Candy Washer Dryer Safety Thermostat

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Genuine replacement Candy washer dryer safety thermostat.


  • Candy Washer Dryer Safety Thermostat

Fits these models:

CDB 264N-80, CDB 464-47S, CDB 465-47S, CDB 475D/1-01S, CDB 475D-01S, CDB 475D-07, CDB 475DN/1, CDB 485D/1-37S, CDB 485D-37S, CDB 485DN/1-S, CDB 754D/1-80, CDB 754D-80, CDB 754DN/1-80, CDB 854D-80, CDB 854DN-80, CO W644S-47, CO4 W264-47, GC W338DB-47, GC4 W264D-S, GO W1458/1-37S, GO W1458-37S, GO W264D-03S, GO W264D-12S, GO W464-01S, GO W464-47, GO W465-01S, GO W465D-86S, GO W465D-OS, GO W475-47, GO W475-S, GO W477-47, GO W485D/1-01S, GO W485D/1-47, GO W485D-01S, GO W485DS-04S, GO W485DS-66, GO W485D-UK, GO W496D-12S, GO W496D-47, GO W546-47, GO4 W264-07S, GO4 W264-47, GO4 W264D-UK, GO4W464-80, GOW 4751D-47, GOW 4751DS-47, GOW 485-80, GOW 485S-80, GOW 556-47, GOW 644-47, GOW 655-47, GOW475-80, HJA8704, KRWD64F12CA, WD14V

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