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Bosch Tumble Dryer Fluff Filter

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Candy Tumble Dryer Dishwasher Suppressor
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Candy Tumble Dryer Dishwasher Suppressor

  • Stock Code: PA1314
  • Brand:  Candy
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement mains suppressor to fit many Candy tumble dryer and dishwasher models shown. The manufacture has changed the design of the suppressor and this part may differ to the original suppressor.


  • Candy Dishwasher Suppressor
  • Candy Tumble Dryer Suppressor

Fits these models:

A5001/1, A8001/1, A8001/1UK, A9004, A9007SMART, A9010SMART, ABI30V, ABI31VB, CC217-80, CC217-88, CC217-SY, CC266-S, CC266T-47, CC267-37, CC267-80, CC267T-01S, CC267T-47, CC267T-84, CC267T-88, CC276T-47, CC277T-86S, CD112 01, CD112 41S, CD112 80, CD112 85S, CD112 86S, CD112S 80, CD122 01, CD122 39S, CD122 80, CD122J 80, CD123L 01S, CD132 37, CD212A 40S, CD222AS, CD242, CD242UK, CD243AFR, CD245AFR, CD255FR, CD257, CD260SCHIARA, CD262, CD262X, CD263AFR, CD263AXFR, CD265AFR, CD265AXFR, CD312 80, CD351S, CD352, CD353S, CD353SITA, CD355 47, CD372, CD372/1, CD373, CD373SK, CD374SK, CD383FR, CD384A, CD384AX, CD451TNORD, CD455 47, CD455L 47, CD472, CD474S, CD474SB, CD474SITA, CD474SR, CD474SX, CD474SXITA, CD474SY, CD474UK, CD474XUK, CD475S, CD475SX, CD476BLU, CD483AC, CD484AFR, CD489DAC, CD490SCHIARA, CD500, CD501IT, CD570D, CD571E, CD571/1E, CD571S, CD572ES, CD585HS, CD585HSITA, CD587HS, CD600, CD601A/1, CD601IT, CD602S, CD602SX, CD622UK, CD622XUK, CD623UK, CD623XUK, CD650UK, CD651S, CD675S, CD675SX, CD687S, CD700ES, CD700IT, CD700SY, CD701BIT, CD701IT, CD701NIT, CD701XIT, CD701YIT, CD702T, CD710M, CD711/1ES, CD711/1XES, CD711S/1, CD711SX/1IT, CD797SMART, CD797SMARTAC, CD797SMARTSY, CD797SMARTUK, CD797SMARTX, CD798SMART, CD800/1ES, CD801TX, CD834UK, CD934UK, CD950UK, CD1120 40S, CD1120CORTE, CD1120/1, CD6100, CD6720-ISR, CDC165-83SY, CDC168-SY, CDC179X-88, CDC263, CDC263CH, CDC266UK, CDC266X, CDC266XCH, CDC267ESY, CDC268EX, CDC268TEX, CDC268TEXCH, CDC668-37, CDC668-47, CDC668-SY, CDC679X-SY, CDC679XT-88, CDC768-47, CDC779X-86SY, CDC779XT-88, CDC779XT-SY, CDE107-80, CDE700AFR, CDE701A, CDE701TNOR, CDE701TXNORD, CDE705AFR, CDF312 47, CDF312 80, CDF312A 85S, CDF312AX 41S, CDF312P 01, CDF312P 37, CDF312T 86S, CDF312X 47, CDF315A 39S, CDF315P 01, CDF322 37S, CDF322 80, CDF322A, CDF322AX 37S, CDF322/1 80, CDF322T 86S, CDF325A 39, CDF325P 01, CDF512 47, CDF512X 47, CDF513 47, CDF513X 47, CDF615A 01, CDF615A 37, CDF615A 39S, CDF615A 85S, CDF615AN 01, CDF615AX 01, CDF615AX 84S, CDF615AX/1S, CDF615T 86S, CDF615TX 86S, CDF622 47, CDF622 80, CDF622/1X 80, CDF622X 47, CDF622X 80, CDF622X 86S, CDF624L, CDF625 47, CDF625A 01, CDF625A S, CDF625AX 01, CDF625N 01, CDF625T 86S, CDF625TX 86S, CDF632 47, CDF632X 47, CDF635 47, CDF722 47, CDF3153/1, CDF3154/1X, CDF3154XIDE, CDF6150CORTE, CDF6150/1 37, CDF6151/1, CDF6152/1, CDF6152MAST, CDI1010, CDI1012 02, CDI1012 80, CDI1012 S, CDI1012/1, CDI1012/1 80, CDI1612, CDI2012, CDI2012 80, CDI2015 02, CDI2015S, CDI2212, CDI2515, CDI3015 02, CDI3015 S, CDI3515, CDI3515 02, CDS120ALU 47, CDS120N 02S, CDS120W 02S, CDS120X 02S, CDS120X 80, CDS150N 84S, CDS150W 84S, CDS150X 02S, CDS155X, CDS220N, CDS220W, CDS220X, CDS350NDUEDI, CDS350WDUEDI, CDS350XDUEDI, CDS355N, CDS355W, CDS355X, CDS450X, CDV160-SY, CDV262, CDV262-04ARG, CDV262ES, CDV262UK, CDW35/1, CDW36E, CDW36/1, CDW144/1, CDW252/1, CDW254E/1, CDW254/1 UK, CDW254SNX/1, CDW254SXXTG, CDW258E, CDW263MIRO, CDW274SNX, CDW362E, CDW374, CDW374/1, CDW374/1ES, CDW376/1, CDW378, CDW478, CDW478/1, CDW479E, CDW479/1E, CDW480E, CDW480/1E, CDW484/1, CDW485/1, CDW578, CDW583MIRO, CDW586/1S, CDW588E, CFD3153SE 37, CFD6151MIRO, CI7100N, CI7100NITA, CI7100W, CI7100X, CI7300N, CI7300W, CI7300X, CI7300XOS, CI7850N, CI7850W, CI7850X, CI7950BA, CI7950BD, CI7950GH, CI7950X, CIC60, CIC209TX, CIC209X, CIC209XCH, CIC258E, CIC259EX, CIC259TEX, CIC259TEXCH, CIV14M, CIV60, CIV100 ARG, CIV100 EU, CIV100 UK, CIV100ES, CIV100OS, CIV109, CIV109OS, CIV130X EU, CIV139X, CIV140EXES, CIV140EXEU, CIV145E, CIV149EX, CIVD14EX, CV116-80, CV116-SY, CV117-04S, CV117-OS, CV166-37/0, CV166-47/0, DFI50UK, DFI85SUK, DSI710NUK, DSI710WUK, DSI710XUK, DWI160M/1, DWI160W/1, ECO TEMPO, ZW2V

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