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Dishwasher Heating Element

Dishwasher Heating Element

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Lamona Dishwasher Heating Element

Lamona Dishwasher Heating Element

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Candy Dishwasher Heating Element
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Candy Dishwasher Heating Element

  • Stock Code: PA315
  • Brand:  Candy
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Genuine Candy dishwasher heater element. This element is 1950 watts for Candy dishwasher models shown.


  • Dishwasher Heater Element
  • 1950 Watts

Fits these models:

A5001/1, A5001/1AUS, A5001/1ITA, A8001/1, A8001/1ITA, A8001/1UK, A9004, A9007SMART, CD242, CD242UK, CD243AFR, CD245AFR, CD257, CD260SCHIARA, CD351S, CD352, CD352ARG, CD353S, CD353SITA, CD373SK, CD374SK, CD472, CD474S, CD474SB, CD474SITA, CD474SR, CD474SX, CD474SXITA, CD474SY, CD474UK, CD474XUK, CD476BLU, CD490SCHIARA, CD500, CD501IT, CD571S, CD585HS, CD585HSARG, CD585HSITA, CD600, CD601A/1, CD601IT, CD602S, CD602SX, CD622UK, CD623UK, CD650UK, CD687S, CD700IT, CD701BIT, CD701IT, CD701NIT, CD701XIT, CD701YIT, CD797SMART, CD797SMARTSY, CD797SMARTUK, CD797SMARTX, CD834UK, CD934UK, CD950UK, CDW144/1, CDW252/1, CDW254/1 UK, CDW254E/1, CDW254SNX/1, CDW258E, CDW263MIRO, CDW274SNX, CDW35/1, CDW36/1, CDW36E, CDW374/1, CDW376/1, CDW484/1, CDW485/1, CDW583MIRO, CDW586/1S, CI7100N, CI7100NITA, CI7100W, CI7100X, CI7300N, CI7300W, CI7300X, CI7300XOS, CI7850N, CI7850W, CI7850X, CI7950BA, CI7950BD, CI7950GH, CI7950X, DFI100TIT, DFI50, DFI50IT, DFI50UK, DFI80SIT, DFI90TIT, DSI700X, DSI710ALU, DSI710N, DSI710NUK, DSI710W, DSI710WUK, DSI710X, DSI710XUK, DSI730N, DSI730W, DSI730X, DSI775N, DSI775W, DSI775X, DSI795GH, DSI795XF, DSI9005N, DSI9005X, DSI9006N, DSI9006X, DWI160M/1, DWI160W/1, ECO TEMPO, ECOTEMPO/1

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