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Candy 2200W Fan Oven Heater Element
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Candy 2200W Fan Oven Heater Element

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  • Stock Code: PA1459
  • Brand:  Candy
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Are you having trouble getting your Candy oven to heat up? This genuine replacement 2200 watt fan oven element will fit many Candy ovens and cookers and will get your oven working properly again.


  • Fan Oven Element
  • 2200 Watts
  • Length 210mm
  • Width 177mm

Fits these models:

2D467X, 2D468X, CI330EN, CI330ES, CI330EW, CI330/1W, CI654EN, CI654EW, CI654EX, CI654N, CI654W, CI654X, CI5412/3N, CI5412/3W, CI5412/3X, CI5412/3XE, CI5412N, CI5412W, CI5412X, CI5412XE, F21M, F21MUK, F21W, F21W UK, F21WUK, F132, F132/3MUK, F132/3NUK, F132/3WUK, F132MUK, F132WUK, F134/3NUK, F134/3WUK, F134/3XUK, F211, F211X, F215, F232/3XUK, F232XUK, F233, F233BLUK, F233/3BMUK, F233/3NUK, F233/3VUK, F233/3WUK, F233/3XUK, F233NUK, F233VUK, F233WUK, F234/3NUK, F234/3WUK, F234/3XUK, F234M, F234MUK, F234NUK, F234W, F234WUK, F234X, F234XUK, F241, F241/1M UK, F241/1W UK, F241M, F241W, F245, F254CN, F254CW, F254CX, F254/3CN, F254/3CW, F254/3CX, F254/3N, F254/3NUK, F254/3W, F254/3WUK, F254/3X, F254/3XAUS, F254/3XOS, F254/3XUK, F254N, F254W, F254X, F254XAUS, F254XOS, F255/3X, F255X, F265, F330/1FRW, F330FRN, F330FRS, F330FRW, F330N, F330S, F330W, F330WISR, F331/1M UK, F331/1W UK, F331M, F331W, F2540X, F2550X, FFN403X, FFN807XL, FFN817XL, FFN8071XL, FHP827X, FHP927X, FHP975X, FL132NUK, FL132WUK, FL132XUK, FL134NUK, FL134WUK, FL134XUK, FL201, FL221, FLGK1331TB, FLK221, FNP602X, FNP622X, FNP815X, FNP815XUK, FNP825X, FNP827AL, FNP827X, FNPC825X, FP602XUK, FP622N, FP622W, FP622X, FP815AL, FP815N, FP815NUK, FP815WUK, FP815X, FP815XUK, FP825AL, FP825X, FP827AL, FP827X, FP835CAL, FP835CN, FP835CW, FP835CX, FPC825AL, FPC825X, FPP403N, FPP403W, FPP403X, FPP406X, FPP407N, FPP407W, FPP407X, FPP825X, FPP827X, FS817AQUA, FS828ZEN, FS975ZEN, FVH927X, FVP927X, OVC245, OVC245/1, OVC245/1MUK, OVC245/1WUK, OVC245M, OVC245W, OVC2451, OVF215, OVF215/1M UK, OVF215/1W UK, OVF215M, OVF215W, OVF245, OVF245BL, OVF245/1BLUK, OVF245/1GFUK, OVF245/1M UK, OVF245/1W UK, OVF245GF, OVF245M, OVF245W, OVF265, OVF265/1M UK, OVF265/1W UK, OVF265M, OVF265W, R43/3GHCRUK, R43/3X, R43/3XUK, R241, R241/1M, R241/1W, R241/2M, R241/2W, R241M, R241W, R4313X

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Candy 2200W Fan Oven Element

Candy 2200W Fan Oven Element


Low cost replacement 2200 watt fan oven heating element to fit Candy built in oven and cooker models as shown.

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Excellent service
Thursday, 6 May 2021  |  Deborah

I ordered a candy oven element on Sunday evening and it arrived on Tuesday morning just the quickest service ever

Monday, 18 January 2021  |  Manoosh

Good value, great service, very quick turnaround. I would definitely use Parts4appliances again and recommend them 100%. My Mum and Dad were desperate for this and considering we are in lock down, the service provided was a life-line. Thank you.

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