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Bosch Washing Machine Pump

Bosch Washing Machine Pump

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Bosch Washing Machine Pump
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Bosch Washing Machine Pump

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In stock, immediate dispatch  

In stock, immediate dispatch

Product Details

Compatible replacement drain pump and filter for Bosch WAA and WAB series washing machines.


  • Bosch Washing Machine Drain Pump
  • Alternative To 144192

Fits these models:

WAA20160GB/01, WAA20160GB/04, WAA24160GB/01, WAA24160GB/04, WAA24161GB/01, WAA24161GB/04, WAA24161GB/05, WAA24161GB/08, WAA24161GB/10, WAA24162BY/01, WAA24162BY/09, WAA24162BY/11, WAA24162BY/13, WAA24162BY/20, WAA24162BY/24, WAA24162/01, WAA24162/09, WAA24162/11, WAA24162/13, WAA24162/20, WAA24162/24, WAA24162/32, WAA24162/33, WAA24162GB/11, WAA24162GB/20, WAA24162PL/11, WAA24162PL/20, WAA24162PL/24, WAA24162SN/13, WAA24162SN/20, WAA24162SN/24, WAA24166GB/24, WAA24167GB/24, WAA24167GB/32, WAA24167GB/33, WAA24169GB/01, WAA24169GB/09, WAA24169GB/11, WAA24169GB/19, WAA24169GB/20, WAA24169GB/24, WAA24169GB/32, WAA28160BE/01, WAA28160BE/04, WAA28160BE/05, WAA28160BE/07, WAA28160BE/09, WAA28160BE/11, WAA28160BE/15, WAA28160BE/24, WAA28160BE/29, WAA28160BE/32, WAA28160BE/33, WAA28160/01, WAA28160/04, WAA28160/09, WAA28160FG/01, WAA28160FG/04, WAA28160FG/09, WAA28160FN/01, WAA28160FN/04, WAA28160FN/05, WAA28160FN/07, WAA28160FN/09, WAA28160FN/11, WAA28160GB/01, WAA28160GB/04, WAA28160GB/09, WAA28160NL/01, WAA28160NL/04, WAA28160NL/09, WAA28160SN/01, WAA28160SN/02, WAA28160SN/03, WAA28160SN/04, WAA28160SN/08, WAA28160SN/09, WAA28160SN/10, WAA28161GB/01, WAA28161GB/07, WAA28161GB/09, WAA28161GB/11, WAA28165GB/11, WAA28165GB/24, WAA28165GB/28, WAA28165GB/29, WAA28166GB/24, WAA28166GB/29, WAA28166NN/01, WAA28166NN/06, WAA28166NN/07, WAA28166NN/09, WAA28166NN/11, WAA28166NN/13, WAA28166NN/15, WAA28167GB/29, WAA28167GB/32, WAA28167GB/33, WAA28168GB/29, WAA28168GB/32, WAA28168GB/33, WAB24060GB/01, WAB24060GB/02, WAB24060GB/03, WAB24060GB/05, WAB24260GB/03, WAB28060/01, WAB28060/02, WAB28060/03, WAB28060/04, WAB28060/05, WAB28060FG/01, WAB28060FG/02, WAB28060FG/03, WAB28060FG/04, WAB28060FG/05, WAB28060GB/01, WAB28060GB/02, WAB28060GB/03, WAB28060GB/05, WAB28060NL/01, WAB28060NL/02, WAB28060NL/03, WAB28060NL/04, WAB28060NL/05, WAB28061GB/01, WAB28061GB/02, WAB28061GB/03, WAB28061GB/05, WAB28260GB/01

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Bosch Washing Machine Pump

Bosch Washing Machine Pump

Genuine replacement Bosch washing machine drain pump including filter.

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Great Item
Thursday, 12 October 2017  |  Robert

Fantastic replacement for my Bosch washing machine . It was half the price of an OEM item but fitted my machine perfectly.

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