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Bosch Dishwasher Door Hinge Rope & Spring

Bosch Dishwasher Door Hinge Rope & Spring

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Pump Bosch Washing Machine

Pump Bosch Washing Machine

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Drain Pump Filter For Bosch Washing Machine
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Drain Pump Filter For Bosch Washing Machine

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  • Stock Code: PA1169
  • Brand:  Low Cost Parts
  • Compatible Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Compatible replacement pump fluff filter for many Bosch washing machines.


  • Bosch Washing Machine Pump Fluff Filter
  • Alternative Part Number 00635626

Fits these models:

WFLI2060EE/01, WFLI2440EU/17, WFXI2440EE/10, WFXI2440EU/25, WFLI2060EE/05, WFLI2440EU/18, WFXI2440EE/15, WFXI2840EU/01, WFLI2060EE/06, WFLI2440GB/01, WFXI2440EE/20, WFXI2840EU/10, WFLI2060EE/10, WFLI2440GB/05, WFXI2440EE/24, WFXI2840EU/15, WFLI2060EE/14, WFLI2440GB/10, WFXI2440EE/25, WFXI2840EU/17, WFLI2060EE/17, WFLI2440GB/14, WFXI2440EU/01, WFXI2840EU/20, WFLI2060EE/18, WFLI2440GB/17, WFXI2440EU/10, WFXI2840EU/24, WFLI2440EU/01, WFLI2440GB/18, WFXI2440EU/15, WFXI2840EU/26, WFLI2440EU/10, WFXI2440EE/01, WFXI2440EU/20, WFXI2840GB/01, WFLI2440EU/14, WFXI2440EE/05, WFXI2440EU/24, WFXI2840GB/05, WFXI2840GB/10, WIS20160EE/18, WIS24120FF/14, WIS24140GB/07, WFXI2840GB/15, WIS20160EE/20, WIS24120FF/18, WIS24140GB/13, WFXI2840GB/17, WIS20460EE/07, WIS24120FF/20, WIS24140GB/14, WFXI2840GB/20, WIS20460EE/13, WIS24140EU/06, WIS24140GB/18, WFXI2840GB/24, WIS20460EE/14, WIS24140EU/07, WIS24140GB/20, WFXI2840GB/26, WIS20460EE/18, WIS24140EU/13, WIS24140OE/06, WIS20160EE/06, WIS20460EE/20, WIS24140EU/14, WIS24140OE/07, WIS20160EE/07, WIS24120FF/06, WIS24140EU/18, WIS24140OE/13, WIS20160EE/13, WIS24120FF/07, WIS24140EU/20, WIS24140OE/14, WIS20160EE/14, WIS24120FF/13, WIS24140GB/06, WIS24140OE/18, WIS24140OE/20, WIS28440/18, WIS28440EU/13, WIS28440GB/18, WIS24460EE/07, WIS28440/20, WIS28440EU/14, WIS28440GB/20, WIS24460EE/13, WIS28440EE/07, WIS28440EU/18, WIS28440OE/06, WIS24460EE/14, WIS28440EE/13, WIS28440EU/20, WIS28440OE/07, WIS24460EE/18, WIS28440EE/14, WIS28440GB/06, WIS28440OE/13, WIS24460EE/20, WIS28440EE/18, WIS28440GB/07, WIS28440OE/14, WIS28440/07, WIS28440EE/20, WIS28440GB/13, WIS28440OE/18, WIS28440/13, WIS28440EU/07, WIS28440GB/14, WIS28440OE/20, WIS28440/14, WXLI4240GB/01

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Good company
Monday, 27 September 2021  |  Suzanne

After searching many sites i found this company had the exact part and the best price.with a quick delivery excellent will be using again.

Perfect part for washing machine
Thursday, 22 April 2021  |  Julie

Came across this site whilst searching for the part for our Bosch. Prices elsewhere were a lot more expensive. I needed quick delivery and that's what I got. I received an email within a couple of hours or ordering to advise it was dispatched. The part works perfectly well. Great service

First class service all round
Thursday, 17 December 2020  |  Peter

First class service will be ordering another spare 2 day

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