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Bosch Dishwasher Hinge Repair Set

Bosch Dishwasher Hinge Repair Set

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Pump Bosch Washing Machine

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Bosch Washing Machine Door Lock
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Bosch Washing Machine Door Lock

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  • Stock Code: PA213
  • Brand:  Bosch
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement Bosch washing machine door interlock.


  • Bosch Door Interlock

Fits these models:

WVD24460GB/01, WVD24460GB/02, WVD24460GB/03, WVD24460GB/04, WVD24460GB/05, WVD24460OE/01, WVD24460OE/02, WVD24460OE/03, WVD24460OE/04, WVD24520EE/01, WVD24520EE/02, WVD24520EE/03, WVD24520EE/04, WVD24520EE/05, WVD24520EE/06, WVD24520EE/07, WVD24520EE/08, WVD24520EE/09, WVD24520EE/10, WVD24520EU/01, WVD24520EU/02, WVD24520EU/03, WVD24520EU/04, WVD24520EU/05, WVD24520EU/06, WVD24520EU/07, WVD24520EU/08, WVD24520EU/09, WVD24520EU/10, WVD24520FF/01, WVD24520GB/01, WVD24520GB/02, WVD24520GB/03, WVD24520GB/04, WVD24520GB/05, WVD24520GB/06, WVD24520GB/07, WVD24520GB/08, WVD24520GB/09, WVD24520GB/10, WVD24520GB/11, WVD24520IT/01, WVD24520IT/02, WVD24520IT/03, WVD24520IT/04, WVD24520IT/05, WVD24520IT/06, WVD24520IT/07, WVD24520ME/01, WVD24520ME/02, WVD24520ME/03, WVD24520ME/04, WVD24520ME/05, WVD24520ME/06, WVD24520ME/07, WVD24520ME/08, WVD24520NL/01, WVD24520NL/02, WVD24520NL/03, WVD24520NL/04, WVD24520NL/05, WVD24520NL/06, WVD24520NL/07, WVD24520NL/08, WVD24520NL/09, WVD24520NL/10, WVD2452BGB/01, WVD2452BGB/02, WVD2452BGB/03, WVD2452BGB/04, WVD2452BGB/05, WVD2452BGB/06, WVD2452BGB/07, WVD2452BGB/08, WVD2452SGB/01, WVD2452SGB/02, WVD2452SGB/03, WVD2452SGB/04, WVD2452SGB/05, WVD2452SGB/06, WVD2452SGB/07, WVD245S3GB/01, WVD245S3GB/02, WVD245S3GB/03, WVD245S3GB/04, WVD245S3GB/05, WVD245S3GB/06, WVD245S3GB/07, WVG20460TI/01, WVG20460TI/02, WVG20460TI/03, WVG20460TI/04, WVG20460TI/05, WVG20460TI/06, WVG20460TI/07, WVT1260BR/01, WVT1260BR/02, WVT1260BR/03, WVT1260BR/04, WVT1260BR/05, WVT1260GB/01, WVT126SGB/01, WVT126SNL/01

Customer Reviews
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Interlock is easy to fit
Tuesday, 22 August 2017  |  Roy

Had to google a video to show how to release the old interlock from the machine, but having learnt that it's a 5-minute job. Part arrived quickly and fitted allowed me to eliminate this as the cause of my machine tripping the RCD breaker. On further investigation, all I had to do was clean the carbon dust off the washing machine motor, so now I have a spare door interlock!

Thursday, 4 February 2016  |  Adrian

Ordered an interlock, item as described cheap and fast delivery would recommend

Great Service
Monday, 4 January 2016  |  R

I ordered from P4A because the switch they listed, looked like the part I required, as opposed to other sites that showed a diffeent item all together, but stated it would fit. Paid for next day delivery because my wife had washing to do. Bit expensive for the service, but when needed........ It arrived next day and was fitted within 10 minutes.

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