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Bosch Washing Machine Rubber Door Seal

Bosch Washing Machine Rubber Door Seal

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Bosch Washer Dryer Door Seal
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Bosch Washer Dryer Door Seal

  • Stock Code: BSH441415
  • Brand:  Bosch
  • Genuine Spare Part

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Same day dispatch before 2pm

Genuine Bosch washer dryer door seal. This door seal is suitable for select models of Bosch washer dryers.


  • Bosch Washer Dryer Door Seal

Fits these models:

WVD24520/01, WVD24520EU/03, WVD24520IT/03, WVD2452BGB/01, WVD24520/02, WVD24520EU/04, WVD24520IT/04, WVD2452BGB/02, WVD24520/03, WVD24520FF/01, WVD24520ME/01, WVD2452SGB/01, WVD24520/04, WVD24520GB/01, WVD24520ME/02, WVD2452SGB/02, WVD24520EE/01, WVD24520GB/02, WVD24520ME/03, WVD2452SGB/03, WVD24520EE/02, WVD24520GB/03, WVD24520ME/04, WVD2452SGB/04, WVD24520EE/03, WVD24520GB/04, WVD24520NL/01, WVD2452SGB/05, WVD24520EE/04, WVD24520GB/05, WVD24520NL/02, WVD2452XEE/01, WVD24520EU/01, WVD24520IT/01, WVD24520NL/03, WVD2452XEE/02, WVD24520EU/02, WVD24520IT/02, WVD24520NL/04, WVD2452XEE/03, WVD2452XEE/04, WVG20560TI/01, WVT1260BR/02, WVT126SGB/01, WVD2452XEE/05, WVG24469TI/01, WVT1260EE/01, WVT126SNL/01, WVD24560FF/01, WVG24469TI/02, WVT1260EU/01, WVT2420/01, WVD24560FF/02, WVG24566TI/01, WVT1260FF/01, WVT52050TI/01, WVD24560FF/03, WVG24566TI/02, WVT1260GB/01, WVT52050TI/02, WVD24560FF/04, WVG24568TI/01, WVT1260IT/01, WVT52458TI/01, WVG20460TI/01, WVG24569TI/01, WVT1260NL/01, WVT52458TI/02, WVG20460TI/02, WVT1260BR/01, WVT1260SA/01

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