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Universal Extendable Oven Cooker Shelf

Universal Extendable Oven Cooker Shelf

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Beko Oven Shelf Grid

Beko Oven Shelf Grid

Bosch Oven Grill Grid
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Bosch Oven Grill Grid

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  • Stock Code: PA330
  • Brand:  Bosch
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock, immediate dispatch  

In stock, immediate dispatch

Product Details

This genuine Bosch oven grill grid shelf is great for baking, roasting and grilling.


  • Oven Grill Grid
  • Dimensions 430mm x 351mm

Fits these models:

HBN231E0/01, HBN231E0/02, HBN231E0/03, HBN231E0/04, HBN231E0/05, HBN231E0/06, HBN231E0/07, HBN231E0/08, HBN231E0/09, HBN231E0/10, HBN231E0/11, HBN231E0/12, HBN231E0/13, HBN231E0/14, HBN231E0/15, HBN231E0/16, HBN231E0/17, HBN231E0/18, HBN231E0/19, HBN231E0/20, HBN231E0/21, HBN231E0/22, HBN231E0/23, HBN231E0/24, HBN231E0/25, HBN231E0/26, HBN231E0/27, HBN231E0/28, HBN231E0SA/01, HBN231E0SA/02, HBN231E0SA/03, HBN231E0SA/04, HBN231E0SA/06, HBN231E0SA/07, HBN231E0SA/08, HBN231E0SA/09, HBN231E0SA/10, HBN231E0SA/11, HBN231E0SA/12, HBN231E0SA/13, HBN231E0SA/14, HBN231E0SA/15, HBN231E0SA/16, HBN231E0SA/17, HBN231E0SA/18, HBN331E0B/01, HBN331E0B/02, HBN331E0B/04, HBN331E0B/05, HBN331E0B/06, HBN331E0B/07, HBN331E0B/08, HBN331E0B/09, HBN331E0B/10, HBN331E0B/11, HBN331E0B/12, HBN331E0B/13, HBN331E0B/14, HBN331E0B/15, HBN331E0B/16, HBN331E0B/17, HBN331E0B/18, HBN331E0B/19, HBN331E0B/20, HBN331E1/01, HBN331E1/02, HBN331E1/03, HBN331E1/04, HBN331E1/05, HBN331E1/06, HBN331E1/07, HBN331E1/08, HBN331E1/09, HBN331E1/10, HBN331E1/11, HBN331E1/12, HBN331E1/13, HBN331E1/14, HBN331E1/15, HBN331E1/16, HBN331E1/17, HBN331E1/18, HBN331E1/19, HBN331E1/20, HBN331E1/21, HBN331E1/22, HBN331E1/23, HBN331E1/24, HBN331E1/25, HBN331S0B/03, HBN331S0B/04, HBN331S0B/05, HBN331S0B/06, HBN331S0B/07, HBN331S0B/08, HBN331S0B/09, HBN331S0B/11, HBN331S0B/12, HBN331S0B/13, HBN331S0B/14, HBN331S0B/15, HBN331S0B/16, HBN331S0B/17, HBN331S0B/18, HBN331S0B/19, HBN331S0B/20, HBN331S0B/21, HBN331S0B/22, HBN331W0B/03, HBN331W0B/04, HBN331W0B/06, HBN331W0B/07, HBN331W0B/08, HBN331W0B/09, HBN331W0B/10, HBN331W0B/12, HBN331W0B/13, HBN331W0B/14, HBN331W0B/15, HBN331W0B/16, HBN331W0B/17, HBN331W0B/18, HBN331W0B/19, HBN331W0B/20, HBN331W0B/21, HBN331W0B/22, HBN331W0B/23, HBN531E0B/01, HBN531E0B/02, HBN531E0B/03, HBN531E0B/04, HBN531E0B/05, HBN531E0B/06, HBN531E0B/07, HBN531E0B/08, HBN531E0B/10, HBN531E0B/11, HBN531E0B/12, HBN531E0B/14, HBN531E0B/15, HBN531E0B/16, HBN531E0B/17, HBN531E0B/18, HBN531E0B/19, HBN531E0B/21, HBN531E0B/22, HBN531E0B/23, HBN531E0B/24, HBN531E0/01, HBN531E0/02, HBN531E0/03, HBN531E0/04, HBN531E0/05, HBN531E0/06, HBN531E0/07, HBN531E0/08, HBN531E0/09, HBN531E0/10, HBN531E0/11, HBN531E0/12, HBN531E0/13, HBN531E0/14, HBN531E0/15, HBN531E0/16, HBN531E0/17, HBN531E0/18, HBN531E0/19, HBN531E0/20, HBN531E0/21, HBN531E0/22, HBN531E0/23, HBN531E0/24, HBN531E0/25

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Bosch extra oven shelf
Tuesday, 22 November 2016  |  Neil

Not quite the same but arrived very quickly and seems of good quality

Excellent service
Friday, 20 May 2016  |  Michael

Helpful staff who took time to ensure that I had chosen the correct shelf. Friend used you on my recommendation.

bosch oven multi-use ovenwire shelg
Tuesday, 19 April 2016  |  Peter

excellent service.

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