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Bosch Oven Shelf

Bosch Oven Grill Grid
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Bosch Oven Grill Grid

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  • Stock Code: PA330
  • Brand:  Bosch
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

This genuine Bosch oven grill grid shelf is great for cakes, roasts, grilling and cooking frozen food.


  • Grill Tray
  • Dimensions 37.5 x 43 cm

Fits these models:

HBN231E0/01, HBN231E0/02, HBN231E0/03, HBN231E0/04, HBN231E0/05, HBN231E0/06, HBN231E0/07, HBN231E0/08, HBN231E0/09, HBN231E0/10, HBN231E0/11, HBN231E0/12, HBN231E0/13, HBN231E0/14, HBN231E0/15, HBN231E0/16, HBN231E0/17, HBN231E0/18, HBN231E0/19, HBN231E0/20, HBN231E0/21, HBN231E0/22, HBN231E0/23, HBN231E0/24, HBN231E0/25, HBN231E0/26, HBN231E0/27, HBN231E0/28, HBN231E0SA/01, HBN231E0SA/02, HBN231E0SA/03, HBN231E0SA/04, HBN231E0SA/06, HBN231E0SA/07, HBN231E0SA/08, HBN231E0SA/09, HBN231E0SA/10, HBN231E0SA/11, HBN231E0SA/12, HBN231E0SA/13, HBN231E0SA/14, HBN231E0SA/15, HBN231E0SA/16, HBN231E0SA/17, HBN231E0SA/18, HBN331E0B/01, HBN331E0B/02, HBN331E0B/04, HBN331E0B/05, HBN331E0B/06, HBN331E0B/07, HBN331E0B/08, HBN331E0B/09, HBN331E0B/10, HBN331E0B/11, HBN331E0B/12, HBN331E0B/13, HBN331E0B/14, HBN331E0B/15, HBN331E0B/16, HBN331E0B/17, HBN331E0B/18, HBN331E0B/19, HBN331E0B/20, HBN331E1/01, HBN331E1/02, HBN331E1/03, HBN331E1/04, HBN331E1/05, HBN331E1/06, HBN331E1/07, HBN331E1/08, HBN331E1/09, HBN331E1/10, HBN331E1/11, HBN331E1/12, HBN331E1/13, HBN331E1/14, HBN331E1/15, HBN331E1/16, HBN331E1/17, HBN331E1/18, HBN331E1/19, HBN331E1/20, HBN331E1/21, HBN331E1/22, HBN331E1/23, HBN331E1/24, HBN331E1/25, HBN331S0B/03, HBN331S0B/04, HBN331S0B/05, HBN331S0B/06, HBN331S0B/07, HBN331S0B/08, HBN331S0B/09, HBN331S0B/11, HBN331S0B/12, HBN331S0B/13, HBN331S0B/14, HBN331S0B/15, HBN331S0B/16, HBN331S0B/17, HBN331S0B/18, HBN331S0B/19, HBN331S0B/20, HBN331S0B/21, HBN331S0B/22, HBN331W0B/03, HBN331W0B/04, HBN331W0B/06, HBN331W0B/07, HBN331W0B/08, HBN331W0B/09, HBN331W0B/10, HBN331W0B/12, HBN331W0B/13, HBN331W0B/14, HBN331W0B/15, HBN331W0B/16, HBN331W0B/17, HBN331W0B/18, HBN331W0B/19, HBN331W0B/20, HBN331W0B/21, HBN331W0B/22, HBN331W0B/23, HBN531E0B/01, HBN531E0B/02, HBN531E0B/03, HBN531E0B/04, HBN531E0B/05, HBN531E0B/06, HBN531E0B/07, HBN531E0B/08, HBN531E0B/10, HBN531E0B/11, HBN531E0B/12, HBN531E0B/14, HBN531E0B/15, HBN531E0B/16, HBN531E0B/17, HBN531E0B/18, HBN531E0B/19, HBN531E0B/21, HBN531E0B/22, HBN531E0B/23, HBN531E0B/24, HBN531E0/01, HBN531E0/02, HBN531E0/03, HBN531E0/04, HBN531E0/05, HBN531E0/06, HBN531E0/07, HBN531E0/08, HBN531E0/09, HBN531E0/10, HBN531E0/11, HBN531E0/12, HBN531E0/13, HBN531E0/14, HBN531E0/15, HBN531E0/16, HBN531E0/17, HBN531E0/18, HBN531E0/19, HBN531E0/20, HBN531E0/21, HBN531E0/22, HBN531E0/23, HBN531E0/24, HBN531E0/25

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Great customer service & product quality
Sunday, 10 May 2020  |  Claire

I purchased 2 replacement shelves for my bosch oven.
There was a small error in the description that I hadnt noticed but parts4appliances did. They were on it straight away.
Before the order was processed they brought it to my attention to ensure I was happy to proceed.
I was very impressed with their customer care.
The shelves are a direct genuine part replacement too. I'm relieved to have found this company and would not hesitate to recommend.
Price comparison saw parts4appliances as the more favourable. The site is easy to use too especially if you know your part number.
Thankyou so much. Now to fix my oven grill that has stopped!!

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