Bosch Washing Machine Element 2050W

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Compatible replacement Bosch washing machine heater element. This 2050 watt element is for Bosch washing machine models listed below.

If the water is failing to heat up in your Bosch washing machine, this heater could be the problem.


  • Washing Machine Element
  • 2050 Watt Element
  • Alternative Part Number 12029196

Fits these models:

WAA20160GB/01, WAA24160GB/01, WAA24171GB/01, WAA24171GB/12, WAA28160GB/01, WAA28160GB/04, WAA28161GB/09, WAE2416SGB/01, WAE2416SGB/04, WAE2416SGB/08, WAE2416SGB/10, WAE2416SGB/12, WAE2446BGB/05, WAE2446BGB/10, WAE2446SGB/01, WAE2446SGB/12, WAE2846SGB/01, WAE2846SGB/04, WAE24162GB/03, WAE24164GB/05, WAE24164GB/22, WAE24260GB/01, WAE24260GB/04, WAE24260GB/08, WAE24363GB/02, WAE24363GB/05, WAE24363GB/06, WAE24363GB/11, WAE24364GB/05, WAE24364GB/11, WAE24464GB/03, WAE24465GB/01, WAE24465GB/03, WAE24465GB/05, WAE24467GB/05, WAE24467GB/07, WAE24467GB/08, WAE24468GB/02, WAE24468GB/06, WAE24470GB/07, WAE28162GB/03, WAE28162GB/05, WAE28162GB/09, WAE28162GB/11, WAE28363GB/02, WAE28363GB/05, WAE28363GB/06, WAE28363GB/07, WAE28363GB/10, WAE28363GB/12, WAE28364GB/05, WAE28364GB/10, WAE28364GB/12, WAE28364GB/13, WAE28364GB/15, WAE28464GB/03, WAE28464GB/05, WAE28465GB/01, WAE28465GB/03, WAE28465GB/05, WAE28467GB/05, WAE28467GB/07, WAE28467GB/08, WAE32464GB/01, WAE32464GB/10, WAS24466GB/01, WAS24466GB/04, WAS24466GB/05, WAS28466GB/03, WAS28466GB/04, WAS28466GB/08, WAS32466GB/03, WFD2071GB/05, WFD2073GB/01, WFD2471GB/08, WFD2473GB/08, WFE2021GB/01, WFF140LGB/01, WFF1401GB/01, WFF2000GB/12, WFF2000GB/14, WFF2001GB/01, WFK2200GB/11, WFK2801GB/01, WFL100GB/12, WFL120GB/12, WFL226LGB/01, WFL226LGB/04, WFL245SGB/04, WFL246KGB/04, WFL246SGB/01, WFL2000GB/01, WFL2060GB/12, WFL2062GB/12, WFL2063GB/01, WFL2063GB/12, WFL2066GB/01, WFL2066GB/06, WFL2066GB/08, WFL2067GB/01, WFL2067GB/14, WFL2067GB/16, WFL2067GB/17, WFL2260GB/01, WFL2450GB/01, WFL2450GB/04, WFL2462GB/12, WFL2463GB/12, WFL2860GB/01, WFL2871GB/01, WFL2872GB/01, WFL2872GB/05, WFL2872GB/06, WFL2872GB/07, WFLI2440GB/01, WFLI2440GB/05, WFLI2440GB/10, WFLI2440GB/14, WFLI2440GB/17, WFLI2440GB/18, WFO285SGB/01, WFO285SGB/08, WFO2064GB/01, WFO2260GB/01, WFO2264GB/01, WFO2265GB/01, WFO2460GB/01, WFO2464GB/01, WFO2465GB/01, WFO2466GB/01, WFO2466GB/05, WFO2466GB/07, WFO2467GB/01, WFO2467GB/15, WFO2467GB/17, WFO2467GB/18, WFO2860GB/01, WFO2864GB/01, WFO2865GB/01, WFO2865GB/08, WFO2866GB/01, WFO2866GB/05, WFO2866GB/07, WFO2867GB/01, WFO2867GB/12, WFO2867GB/15, WFO2867GB/16, WFO2867GB/17, WFO2867GB/18, WFR145SGB/05, WFR145SGB/11, WFR145SGB/13, WFR2460GB/01, WFR2466GB/01, WFR2466GB/04, WFR2860GB/01, WFR2866GB/01, WFR2867GB/01, WFR2868GB/05, WFR2869GB/05, WFR2869GB/11, WFR2869GB/13, WFR3267GB/01, WFR3267GB/04, WFR3268GB/05, WFR3269GB/05, WFR3269GB/11, WFT2800GB/01, WFT2800GB/13, WFX145SGB/01, WFX145SGB/10, WFX145SGB/11, WFX148SGB/11, WFX148SGB/15, WFX148SGB/20, WFX148SGB/24, WFX2467GB/01, WFX2467GB/06, WFX2467GB/09, WFX2467GB/10, WFX2468GB/01, WFX2468GB/20, WFX2468GB/24, WFX2468GB/25, WFX2867GB/01, WFX2867GB/06, WFX2867GB/10, WFX2868GB/17, WFX2868GB/20, WFX2868GB/24, WFX2868GB/25, WFX2868GB/26, WFX3267GB/01, WFX3267GB/10, WFX3267GB/11, WFX3268GB/11, WFX3268GB/20, WFX3268GB/23, WFXI2840GB/01, WFXI2840GB/05, WFXI2840GB/10, WFXI2840GB/15, WFXI2840GB/17, WFXI2840GB/20, WFXI2840GB/24, WFXI2840GB/26, WIS24140GB/07, WOL2200GB/01, WOP2400GB/02, WOP2407GB/12, WVT1260GB/01, WVTI2840GB/03

Customer Reviews
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5 Reviews:

Washing machine element
02 February 2024  |  Susan

The product was fitted the next day after delivery ,machine is now up and running very happy

Saved me 400!
28 January 2022  |  Geoffrey

The economy range heating element for my Bosch washing machine arrived promptly, and was quite easily installed, courtesy of a You Tube video, despite a couple of very stubborn stainless steel(?) Torx head screws. It is performing well, so far, and we have decided not to replace it.

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