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Bosch Washing Machine Double Fill Valve
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Bosch Washing Machine Double Fill Valve

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  • Stock Code: PA1456
  • Brand:  Low Cost Parts
  • Compatible Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

This compatible replacement double cold fill valve fits many Bosch washing machines listed below.


  • Bosch Washing Machine Water Fill Valve
  • Double Solenoid Cold Valve
  • Alternative Part Number 428210

Fits these models:

WAA24169GB/09, WAA24169GB/24, WAA24171GB/01, WAA24171GB/12, WAA28160GB/01, WAA24270GB/14, WAA28160GB/04, WAA24270GB/20, WAA28160GB/09, WAA24270GB/24, WAA28161GB/01, WAA28161GB/07, WAA28161GB/09, WAA28161GB/11, WAA28165GB/11, WAA28165GB/24, WAE24162GB/01, WAE2416SGB/08, WAE24162GB/03, WAE2416SGB/10, WAE2416SGB/12, WAE24162UK/01, WAE24162UK/08, WAE24260GB/01, WAE24162UK/10, WAE24260GB/04, WAE24164GB/05, WAE24164GB/22, WAE2416SGB/01, WAE2416SGB/04, WAE24364GB/05, WAE24364GB/11, WAE24464GB/01, WAE24363GB/02, WAE24464GB/03, WAE24363GB/05, WAE24465GB/01, WAE24363GB/06, WAE24465GB/03, WAE24363GB/11, WAE24465GB/05, WAE24467GB/05, WAE24467GB/07, WAE2446SGB/12, WAE24467GB/08, WAE24467UK/10, WAE24468GB/02, WAE24468GB/06, WAE2446BGB/10, WAE24470GB/07, WAE2446BUK/02, WAE24470GB/08, WAE2446BUK/06, WAE24470GB/11, WAE2446SGB/01, WAE28162GB/11, WAE28162GB/01, WAE28162GB/03, WAE28162GB/05, WAE28162GB/09, WAE28162GB/10, WAE28364GB/12, WAE28364GB/13, WAE28363GB/02, WAE28364GB/15, WAE28363GB/05, WAE28363GB/06, WAE28363GB/07, WAE28363GB/10, WAE28363GB/12, WAE28364GB/05, WAE28364GB/10, WAE28467GB/05, WAE28467GB/07, WAE28464GB/03, WAE28467GB/08, WAE28464GB/05, WAE28467UK/11, WAE28465GB/01, WAE2846SGB/01, WAE28465GB/03, WAE2846SGB/04, WAE28465GB/05, WAE2846SGB/06, WAE32464GB/06, WAS32466GB/01, WAE32464GB/10, WFC2060GB/05, WAE32464GB/11, WFC2467GB/10, WAE32464GB/14, WFD2060GB/01, WAE32464UK/01, WFD2073GB/05, WFD2073GB/06, WFD2460GB/01, WFD2471GB/01, WFD2471GB/08, WAE32464GB/01, WAS24466GB/03, WFD2473GB/01, WFD2473GB/08, WFL2060GB/04, WFL2063GB/12, WFE2021GB/01, WFL2060GB/12, WFL2066GB/01, WFL2066GB/06, WFF1401GB/01, WFL2066GB/08, WFK2280GB/01, WFL2067GB/01, WFK2801GB/01, WFL2067GB/14, WFL2000UK/01, WFL2067GB/16, WFL2067GB/17, WFL2062GB/12, WFL2063GB/01, WFL2450UK/12, WFL2462GB/12, WFL2260GB/01, WFL2463GB/12, WFL2260UK/01, WFL246KUK/12, WFL2260UK/04, WFL246SGB/01, WFL2260UK/12, WFL246SGB/15, WFL2450GB/01, WFL245SGB/04, WFL2450GB/04, WFL2872GB/01, WFL2872GB/05, WFL2872GB/06, WFL2872GB/07, WFL2872UK/03, WFL2860GB/01, WFLI2440GB/10, WFLI2440GB/18, WFO2064GB/01, WFO2260GB/01, WFO2264GB/01, WFO2265GB/01, WFO2464GB/01, WFO2465GB/01, WFO2466GB/01, WFO285SGB/08, WFO2466GB/05, WFO2860GB/01, WFO2460GB/01, WFO2466GB/07, WFO2467GB/01, WFO2864GB/01, WFO2467GB/15, WFO2865GB/01, WFO2467GB/17, WFO2865GB/08, WFO2467GB/18, WFO2865UK/01, WFO2866GB/01, WFO2866GB/05, WFO2866GB/07, WFO2867GB/01, WFO2867GB/12, WFR145SGB/05, WFO2867GB/15, WFR145SGB/11, WFO2867GB/16, WFR145SGB/13, WFO2867GB/17, WFR2460GB/01, WFO2867GB/18, WFR2466GB/01, WFX145SGB/10, WFR2860GB/01, WFR3267GB/01, WFX148SGB/11, WFR2866GB/01, WFR3267GB/04, WFX148SGB/15, WFR2867GB/01, WFR3267GB/05, WFX148SGB/20, WFR2867UK/01, WFR3268GB/05, WFX148SGB/24, WFR2868GB/05, WFR3269GB/09, WFR2869GB/05, WFR3269GB/11, WFR2869GB/11, WFR3269GB/12, WFR2869GB/13, WFX145SGB/01, WFX2468GB/24, WFX2468GB/25, WFX2467GB/06, WFX2467GB/09, WFX2467GB/10, WFX2867GB/01, WFX2468GB/01, WFX2867GB/06, WFX2468GB/20, WFX2867GB/09, WFX2867GB/10, WFX3268GB/16, WFX2868GB/01, WFX3268GB/20, WFX2868GB/17, WFX3268GB/23, WFX2868GB/20, WFX3267GB/01, WVF2401GB/01, WFX2868GB/24, WFX3267GB/03, WVF2402GB/01, WFX2868GB/26, WFX3267GB/10, WVF2402GB/02, WFX3268GB/11, WVT1260GB/01, WFX3268GB/15, WVT2850GB/01

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Job Done
Wednesday, 30 March 2022  |  Karl

Although the product was slightly different than the picture, it still connected and fits perfectly.
Very happy and many thanks

Just what I wanted
Thursday, 27 August 2020  |  David

The valve was just the ticket, working well

Thursday, 17 October 2019  |  Chris


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