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Neff Fridge Door Hinge Kit

Neff Fridge Door Hinge Kit

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Bosch Fridge Door Hinge Kit
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Bosch Fridge Door Hinge Kit

  • Stock Code: PA795
  • Brand:  Low Cost Parts
  • Compatible Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

This compatible low cost door hinge kit is available to fit Bosch fridge freezers listed.


  • Door Hinge Kit
  • 1 Pair Of Hinges
  • Alternative To 268698

Fits these models:

0702175001(00), 0702175043(00), GIL1332/01, GIL1332CH/01, GIL1332FF/01, GIL1332SD/01, GIL1333/01, GIL1334GB/01, GIL1334GB/02, KIC3135/01, KIL2337GB/01, KIL2337GB/02, KIM2601/01, KIM2601CH/01, KIM2602/01, KIM2602/32, KIM2602CH/01, KIM2602CH/32, KIM3002/01, KIM3002/32, KIM3002CH/01, KIM3002CH/32, KIM3002GB/01, KIM3002GB/32, KIM3002IE/01, KIM3002IE/32, KIM3002IE/33, KIM3002NE/31, KIM3002TC/01, KIM3002TC/02, KIR1830/00, KIR1830/01, KIR18301/00, KIR18301/01, KIR18305/00, KIR18305/01, KIR18308/00, KIR18308/01, KIR1832/01, KIR1832CH/01, KIR1832FF/01, KIR1832II/01, KIR1832II/02, KIR1832SD/01, KIR1835GB/01, KIR1835GB/02, KIV3233/01, KIV3233/02, KIV3233CH/01, KIV3233CH/02, KIV3233FF/01, KIV3233FF/02, KIV3233II/01, KIV3233II/02, KIV3234/01, KIV3234CH/01, KIV3234FF/01, KIV3235/01, KIV3235/42, KIV3235CH/01, KIV3235CH/42, KIV3235FF/01, KIV3235FF/42, KIV3235GB/01, KIV3235GB/42, KIV3235IE/01, KIV3235IE/02, KIV3235IE/42, KIV3235IE/43, KIV3235NE/41, KIV3236GB/01

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