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Bosch Dishwasher Hinge Repair Set

Bosch Dishwasher Hinge Repair Set

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Pump Bosch Washing Machine

Pump Bosch Washing Machine

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Bosch Cooker Oven Lamp
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Bosch Cooker Oven Lamp

  • Stock Code: PA854
  • Brand:  Bosch
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Genuine E14 25 watts oven lamp for Bosch oven and cooker hood models shown.


  • Oven Bulb
  • Shape Pygmy
  • 25 Watts
  • Cap: SES (E14)
  • 300 Degrees C

Fits these models:

HBN49S0GB/01, HBN49S0GB/02, HBN110SGB/01, HBN110SGB/02, HBN110SGB/03, HBN110SGB/04, HBN110SGB/05, HBN110SGB/06, HBN112SGB/01, HBN112SGB/02, HBN112SGB/03, HBN112SGB/04, HBN112SGB/05, HBN112SGB/06, HBN200SGB/01, HBN200SGB/02, HBN200SGB/03, HBN200SGB/04, HBN200SGB/05, HBN200SGB/06, HBN200SGB/07, HBN202SGB/01, HBN202SGB/02, HBN202SGB/03, HBN202SGB/04, HBN202SGB/05, HBN202SGB/06, HBN202SGB/07, HBN210TGB/01, HBN210TGB/02, HBN210TGB/03, HBN210TGB/04, HBN210TGB/05, HBN210TGB/06, HBN210TGB/07, HBN212TGB/01, HBN212TGB/02, HBN212TGB/03, HBN212TGB/04, HBN212TGB/05, HBN212TGB/06, HBN212TGB/07, HBN220AGB/01, HBN220AGB/02, HBN220BGB/01, HBN220BGB/02, HBN220BGB/03, HBN222AGB/01, HBN222AGB/02, HBN222BGB/01, HBN222BGB/02, HBN222BGB/03, HBN225BGB/01, HBN225BGB/02, HBN240AGB/01, HBN240AGB/02, HBN240BGB/01, HBN242AGB/01, HBN242AGB/02, HBN242BGB/01, HBN245AGB/01, HBN245AGB/02, HBN245BGB/01, HBN245BGB/02, HBN245BGB/03, HBN260AGB/01, HBN260AGB/02, HBN260BGB/01, HBN260CGB/01, HBN262AGB/01, HBN262AGB/02, HBN262BGB/01, HBN262CGB/01, HBN265BGB/01, HBN266AGB/01, HBN266AGB/02, HBN266BGB/01, HBN266CGB/01, HBN362AGB/01, HBN362AGB/02, HBN362BGB/01, HBN362BGB/02, HBN362BGB/03, HBN365AGB/01, HBN365AGB/02, HBN365BGB/01, HBN365BGB/02, HBN365BGB/03, HBN365BGB/04, HBN366AGB/01, HBN366AGB/02, HBN366BGB/01, HBN366BGB/02, HBN366BGB/03, HBN410AGB/01, HBN410AGB/02, HBN410AGB/06, HBN412AGB/01, HBN412AGB/02, HBN412AGB/06, HBN430AGB/01, HBN432AGB/01, HBN435AGB/01, HBN450AGB/01, HBN450BGB/01, HBN452AGB/01, HBN452BGB/01, HBN455BGB/01, HBN456AGB/01, HBN456BGB/01, HBN462AGB/01, HBN466AGB/01, HBN532AGB/01, HBN532BGB/01, HBN535BGB/01, HBN536AGB/01, HBN536BGB/01, HBN4320GB/01, HBN4350GB/01, HBN4360GB/01, HBN4620GB/01, HBN4650GB/01, HBN4660GB/01, HBN4950GB/01, HBN7020GB/01, HBN7050GB/01, HBN9720GB/01, HBN9750GB/01, HBN580650B/01, HBN580660B/02, HBN580670B/01, HMG3600GB/01, HMG3602GB/01, HMG3620GB/01, HMG3622GB/01

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