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Bosch Fridge Freezer Middle Door Shelf

Bosch Fridge Freezer Middle Door Shelf

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Bosch Fridge Freezer Upper Door Shelf
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Bosch Fridge Freezer Upper Door Shelf

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  • Stock Code: PA333
  • Brand:  Bosch
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock, immediate dispatch  

In stock, immediate dispatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement upper door shelf for your Bosch fridge freezer. This upper door shelf will fit Bosch fridge models listed.


  • Fridge Upper Door Shelf
  • Width Front 460mm
  • Width Rear 495mm
  • Depth 115mm
  • Height 40mm

Fits these models:

KDN30X00GB/10, KDN30X00GB/11, KDN30X00GB/96, KDN30X01GB/01, KDN30X01GB/09, KDN30X01GB/10, KDN30X01GB/11, KDN30X01GB/96, KDN30X03GB/01, KDN30X03GB/02, KGH33X03GB/01, KGH33X03GB/02, KGH33X03GB/03, KGH33X03GB/04, KGH33X03GB/05, KGH33X03GB/06, KGH33X10GB/01, KGH33X10GB/02, KGH33X10GB/03, KGH33X10GB/04, KGH33X10GB/05, KGH33X63GB/01, KGH33X63GB/02, KGH33X63GB/03, KGH33X63GB/04, KGH33X63GB/05, KGH33X64GB/01, KGH33X65GB/01, KGH33X65GB/02, KGH33X65GB/03, KGH33X65GB/04, KGH34X03GB/01, KGH34X03GB/02, KGH34X03GB/04, KGH34X03GB/05, KGH34X03GB/06, KGH34X03GB/08, KGH34X04GB/01, KGH34X04GB/02, KGH34X04GB/03, KGH34X05GB/01, KGH34X05GB/02, KGH34X05GB/03, KGH34X05GB/04, KGH34X05GB/05, KGH34X05GB/06, KGH34X43GB/01, KGH34X43GB/02, KGH34X43GB/04, KGH34X43GB/07, KGH34X43GB/08, KGH34X43GB/09, KGH34X43GB/10, KGH34X43GB/11, KGH34X43GB/12, KGH34X44GB/01, KGH34X44GB/02, KGH34X44GB/03, KGH34X44GB/04, KGH34X44GB/05, KGH34X45GB/01, KGH34X45GB/02, KGH34X45GB/03, KGH34X45GB/04, KGH34X45GB/05, KGH34X45GB/06, KGH34X50GB/01, KGH34X50GB/02, KGH34X50GB/03, KGH34X50GB/04, KGH34X50GB/05, KGH34X50GB/06, KGH34X50GB/07, KGH34X63GB/01, KGH34X63GB/02, KGH34X63GB/03, KGH34X63GB/04, KGH34X63GB/05, KGH34X63GB/06, KGH34X63GB/08, KGH34X63GB/09, KGH34X64GB/01, KGH34X64GB/02, KGH34X64GB/03, KGH34X64GB/04, KGH36X13GB/01, KGH36X13GB/02, KGH36X13GB/05, KGH36X14GB/01, KGH36X14GB/02, KGH36X14GB/03, KGH36X14GB/04, KGH36X50GB/01, KGH36X50GB/02, KGH36X50GB/03, KGH36X50GB/04, KGH36X50GB/05, KGH36X50GB/07, KGH36X51GB/01, KGH36X51GB/02, KGH36X51GB/03, KGH39X03GB/01, KGH39X03GB/02, KGH39X04GB/02, KGH39X04GB/03, KGN30VL20G/01, KGN30VL20G/02, KGN30VL20G/03, KGN30VW20G/01, KGN30VW20G/02, KGN30VW20G/03, KGN30VW20G/04, KGN34V00/12, KGN34VB20G/01, KGN34VB20G/02, KGN34VB20G/03, KGN34VI20G/01, KGN34VI20G/02, KGN34VI20G/03, KGN34VL20G/01, KGN34VL20G/02, KGN34VL20G/03, KGN34VW20G/01, KGN34VW20G/02, KGN34VW20G/03, KGN34VW20G/04, KGN34X00/01, KGN34X00/02, KGN34X00/03, KGN34X00/05, KGN34X00/06, KGN34X01GB/01, KGN34X01GB/02, KGN34X01GB/03, KGN34X01GB/04, KGN34X01GB/05, KGN34X01GB/06, KGN34X01GB/96, KGN34X01GB/97, KGN34X61GB/01, KGN34X61GB/02, KGN34X61GB/03, KGN34X61GB/04, KGN34X61GB/05, KGN34X61GB/06, KGN34X61GB/96, KGN34X61GB/97, KGN36NW20G/01, KGN39NW20/01, KGN39NW20/04, KGN39NW20G/01, KGN39NW20G/04, KGN39X00GB/10, KGN39X01GB/01, KGN39X01GB/09, KGN39X01GB/10, KGN39X01GB/13, KGN39X01GB/91, KGN39X01GB/96, KGV33V00GB/01, KGV33V00GB/02, KGV33V00GB/03, KGV33V00GB/97, KGV33V00GB/98, KGV33V00GB/99, KGV33V10GB/01, KGV33V10GB/02, KGV33X00/16, KGV33X00/17, KGV33X60GB/01, KGV33X60GB/02, KGV33X60GB/03, KGV36X10GB/01, KGV36X10GB/02, KGV36X10GB/03, KGV36X10GB/05, KGV36X10GB/06, KGV36X10GB/97, KGV36X10GB/98, KGV36X10GB/99, KGV36X48GB/01, KGV36X48GB/02, KGV36X48GB/04, KGV36X48GB/98, KGV36X48GB/99, KGV36X50GB/01, KGV36X50GB/02, KGV39X28GB/01, KGV39X28GB/02, KGV39X28GB/99

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Mr Wennell Supply of Fridge shelf
Monday, 17 December 2018  |  David

Delivered within days. No frills No mess. Exactly what was wanted.

Great Service
Friday, 27 April 2018  |  H

Fast delivery and returns service
Would use again

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