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Bosch Dishwasher Hinge Repair Set

Bosch Dishwasher Hinge Repair Set

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Pump Bosch Washing Machine

Pump Bosch Washing Machine

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Bosch Fridge Freezer Bottle Shelf
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Bosch Fridge Freezer Bottle Shelf

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  • Stock Code: PA394
  • Brand:  Bosch
  • Genuine Spre Part


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Low stock

Product Details

Genuine replacement lower bottle shelf suitable for a range of Bosch fridge freezers.


  • Fridge Lower Bottle Shelf
  • 100 x 490 x 120mm (H x W x D)

Fits these models:

KDN30X00GB/10, KDN30X00GB/11, KDN30X00GB/96, KDN30X01GB/01, KDN30X01GB/09, KDN30X01GB/10, KDN30X01GB/11, KDN30X01GB/96, KDN30X03GB/01, KDN30X03GB/02, KGH33X03GB/01, KGH33X03GB/02, KGH33X03GB/03, KGH33X03GB/04, KGH33X03GB/05, KGH33X03GB/06, KGH33X10GB/01, KGH33X10GB/02, KGH33X10GB/03, KGH33X10GB/04, KGH33X10GB/05, KGH33X63GB/01, KGH33X63GB/02, KGH33X63GB/03, KGH33X63GB/04, KGH33X63GB/05, KGH33X64GB/01, KGH33X65GB/01, KGH33X65GB/02, KGH33X65GB/03, KGH33X65GB/04, KGH34X03GB/01, KGH34X03GB/02, KGH34X03GB/04, KGH34X03GB/05, KGH34X03GB/06, KGH34X03GB/08, KGH34X04GB/01, KGH34X04GB/02, KGH34X04GB/03, KGH34X05GB/01, KGH34X05GB/02, KGH34X05GB/03, KGH34X05GB/04, KGH34X05GB/05, KGH34X05GB/06, KGH34X43GB/01, KGH34X43GB/02, KGH34X43GB/04, KGH34X43GB/07, KGH34X43GB/08, KGH34X43GB/09, KGH34X43GB/10, KGH34X43GB/11, KGH34X43GB/12, KGH34X44GB/01, KGH34X44GB/02, KGH34X44GB/03, KGH34X44GB/04, KGH34X44GB/05, KGH34X45GB/01, KGH34X45GB/02, KGH34X45GB/03, KGH34X45GB/04, KGH34X45GB/05, KGH34X45GB/06, KGH34X50GB/01, KGH34X50GB/02, KGH34X50GB/03, KGH34X50GB/04, KGH34X50GB/05, KGH34X50GB/06, KGH34X50GB/07, KGH34X63GB/01, KGH34X63GB/02, KGH34X63GB/03, KGH34X63GB/04, KGH34X63GB/05, KGH34X63GB/06, KGH34X63GB/08, KGH34X63GB/09, KGH34X64GB/01, KGH34X64GB/02, KGH34X64GB/03, KGH34X64GB/04, KGH36X13GB/01, KGH36X13GB/02, KGH36X13GB/05, KGH36X14GB/01, KGH36X14GB/02, KGH36X14GB/03, KGH36X14GB/04, KGH36X50GB/01, KGH36X50GB/02, KGH36X50GB/03, KGH36X50GB/04, KGH36X50GB/05, KGH36X50GB/07, KGH36X51GB/01, KGH36X51GB/02, KGH36X51GB/03, KGH39X03GB/01, KGH39X03GB/02, KGH39X04GB/02, KGH39X04GB/03, KGN30VL20G/01, KGN30VL20G/02, KGN30VL20G/03, KGN30VW20G/01, KGN30VW20G/02, KGN30VW20G/03, KGN30VW20G/04, KGN34VB20G/01, KGN34VB20G/02, KGN34VB20G/03, KGN34VI20G/01, KGN34VI20G/02, KGN34VI20G/03, KGN34VL20G/01, KGN34VL20G/02, KGN34VL20G/03, KGN34VW20G/01, KGN34VW20G/02, KGN34VW20G/03, KGN34VW20G/04, KGN34X01GB/01, KGN34X01GB/02, KGN34X01GB/03, KGN34X01GB/04, KGN34X01GB/05, KGN34X01GB/06, KGN34X01GB/96, KGN34X01GB/97, KGN34X61GB/01, KGN34X61GB/02, KGN34X61GB/03, KGN34X61GB/04, KGN34X61GB/05, KGN34X61GB/06, KGN34X61GB/96, KGN34X61GB/97, KGN36NW20G/01, KGN39NW20/01, KGN39NW20/04, KGN39NW20G/01, KGN39NW20G/04, KGN39X00GB/10, KGN39X01GB/01, KGN39X01GB/09, KGN39X01GB/10, KGN39X01GB/13, KGN39X01GB/91, KGN39X01GB/96, KGV33X60GB/01, KGV33X60GB/02, KGV33X60GB/03, KGV36X10GB/01, KGV36X10GB/02, KGV36X10GB/03, KGV36X10GB/05, KGV36X10GB/06, KGV36X10GB/97, KGV36X10GB/98, KGV36X10GB/99, KGV36X48GB/01, KGV36X48GB/02, KGV36X48GB/04, KGV36X48GB/98, KGV36X48GB/99, KGV36X50GB/01, KGV36X50GB/02, KGV39X28GB/01, KGV39X28GB/02, KGV39X28GB/99

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Bosch fridge door shelf.
Monday, 25 January 2021  |  A

Arrived promptly & as described. Very happy with purchase.

Excellent service
Friday, 9 November 2018  |  Xhoana

Very pleased with the product, which was packaged in a protective box. Will use parts4appliances again if needed.

Bosch Fridge Freezer Bottle Shelf
Thursday, 7 April 2016  |  Linda

I was very pleased with this product, which arrived promptly and well packaged. I would use this company again.

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