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15 Watt Fridge Bulb

15 Watt Fridge Bulb


Bosch Fridge Freezer 10 watt Halogen Lamp
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Bosch Fridge Freezer 10 watt Halogen Lamp

  • Stock Code: PA492
  • Brand:  Bosch
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement 10 watt halogen lamp suitable to fit select Bosch fridge freezers.


  • Fridge Capsule Lamp
  • Type: G4 Halogen
  • 10 Watts

Fits these models:

HBA58B950B/01, HBA58B950B/08, HBA58B950B/10, HBA58B950B/13, HBA78B950B/01, HBA78B950B/35, HBG78R950B/35, HBG78R950B/45, HBN4952GB/01, KDF3200GB/01, KDF3200GB/02, KDF3200GB/05, KDL19465/01, KDL19465/02, KDL1955GB/52, KDL1955GB/53, KDL1956GB/52, KDL1956GB/53, KDL1958GB/52, KDL1959GB/52, KDR3701GB/01, KDR4000GB/52, KDR4000GB/53, KDR4000GB/54, KGE3265GB/51, KGE3265GB/52, KGE3265GB/53, KGE3301GB/01, KGE3301GB/02, KGE3301GB/05, KGE3301GB/06, KGE3414GB/01, KGE3416GB/51, KGE3416GB/52, KGE3416GB/53, KGE3435GB/01, KGE3501GB/01, KGE3501GB/02, KGE3501GB/05, KGE3501GB/06, KGF3301GB/01, KGU3200GB/01, KGU3200GB/02, KGU3201GB/01, KGU3201GB/05, KGU3201GB/06, KGU3201GB/07, KGU3201GB/08, KGU3301GB/01, KKE3495GB/01, KKE3495GB/05, KKU2900GB/01, KKU2901GB/01, KKU2901GB/05, KKU3200GB/01, KKU3201GB/01, KKU3201GB/05, KKU3300GB/01, KKU3301GB/01, KKU3301GB/05, KSR3000GB/52, KSR3000GB/53, KSR3000GB/54, KSR3000GB/55, KSR3000GB/56, KSR3420GB/51, KSR3421GB/01, KSR3421GB/02

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