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Aeg Dishwasher Door Seal

Aeg Dishwasher Door Seal

Bosch Dishwasher Upper Door Seal
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Bosch Dishwasher Upper Door Seal

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  • Stock Code: PA382
  • Brand:  Bosch
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

If your Bosch dishwasher upper door seal is worn or damaged, this genuine Bosch upper door seal could be just what you need.


  • Dishwasher Upper Door Seal

Fits these models:

SGI43A72GB/01, SGI43A72GB/07, SGI43A72GB/08, SGI43A75GB/01, SGI43A75GB/07, SGI43A75GB/08, SGI43A76GB/01, SGI43A76GB/07, SGI43A76GB/08, SGI43E02GB/08, SGI43E02GB/16, SGI43E05GB/08, SGI43E05GB/16, SGI43E06GB/08, SGI43E06GB/16, SGI45E12GB/22, SGI45E12GB/23, SGI45E12GB/26, SGI45E12GB/28, SGI45E12GB/29, SGI45E12GB/30, SGI45E12GB/31, SGI45E12UK/06, SGI45E12UK/09, SGI45E12UK/10, SGI45E12UK/14, SGI45E15GB/21, SGI45E15GB/22, SGI45E15GB/23, SGI45E15GB/25, SGI45E15GB/26, SGI45E15GB/28, SGI45E15GB/29, SGI45E15GB/30, SGI45E15GB/31, SGI45E15UK/06, SGI45E15UK/09, SGI45E15UK/10, SGI45E15UK/14, SGI45E16GB/22, SGI45E16GB/23, SGI45E16GB/26, SGI45E16GB/28, SGI45E16GB/29, SGI45E16GB/30, SGI45E16GB/31, SGI45E16UK/06, SGI45E16UK/09, SGI45E16UK/10, SGI45E16UK/14, SGS33E22EU/01, SGS33E22EU/02, SGS33E22EU/09, SGS33E22EU/16, SGS43A22GB/01, SGS43A22GB/04, SGS43A22UK/01, SGS43A32GB/01, SGS43A32GB/04, SGS43A32UK/01, SGS43A42GB/01, SGS43A42GB/04, SGS43A42UK/01, SGS43A72EU/01, SGS43C12GB/08, SGS43C12GB/14, SGS43C12GB/15, SGS43C12GB/16, SGS43C12GB/17, SGS43C12GB/19, SGS43C12GB/20, SGS43E18EU/02, SGS43E18EU/09, SGS43E18EU/16, SGS43E42EU/16, SGS43E42EU/21, SGS43E42EU/22, SGS43E42EU/25, SGS43E42EU/26, SGS43E42EU/31, SGS43E42EU/33, SGS43E42EU/34, SGS43E42EU/36, SGS43E42EU/37, SGS43T02GB/01, SGS43T02GB/06, SGS43T02GB/07, SGS43T02GB/08, SGS43T12GB/01, SGS43T12GB/06, SGS43T12GB/07, SGS43T12GB/08, SGS43T22GB/01, SGS43T22GB/07, SGS43T22GB/08, SGS43T32GB/37, SGS43T42GB/37, SGS43T52GB/16, SGS43T52GB/17, SGS43T52GB/21, SGS43T52GB/22, SGS43T58GB/21, SGS43T72GB/02, SGS43T72GB/04, SGS43T72GB/05, SGS43T72GB/06, SGS43T72GB/09, SGS43T72GB/10, SGS43T72GB/11, SGS43T72GB/13, SGS43T72GB/14, SGS43T72GB/16, SGS43T72UK/26, SGS43T72UK/30, SGS43T72UK/31, SGS43T82GB/33, SGS43T82GB/36, SGS43T82GB/37, SGS43T92GB/36, SGS43T92GB/37, SGS44T12GB/11, SGS44T12GB/13, SGS44T12GB/14, SGS44T12GB/16, SGS45A02GB/36, SGS45A02GB/39, SGS45A08GB/36, SGS45C02GB/02, SGS45C02GB/04, SGS45C02GB/05, SGS45C02GB/06, SGS45C02GB/09, SGS45C02GB/10, SGS45C02GB/11, SGS45C02GB/14, SGS45C02GB/16, SGS45C08GB/04, SGS45C08GB/05, SGS45C08GB/06, SGS45C08GB/09, SGS45C08GB/10, SGS45C08GB/11, SGS45C08GB/14, SGS45C08GB/16, SGS45C12GB/14, SGS45C12GB/16, SGS45C22GB/37, SGS53A12GB/01, SGS53A12GB/04, SGS53C02GB/08, SGS53C02GB/15, SGS53C02GB/16, SGS53C02GB/20, SGS53C12UK/01, SGS53T02GB/01, SGS53T02GB/06, SGS53T02GB/07, SGS53T02GB/08, SGS55E92EU/26, SGS55E92EU/31, SGS55E92EU/33, SGS55E92EU/34, SGS55E92EU/36, SGS55E92EU/37, SGS57A02GB/36, SGV43A23GB/01, SGV43A23GB/08, SGV43A23GB/11, SGV43E03GB/08, SGV43E03GB/16, SGV43E03GB/19, SGV43E03GB/21, SGV43E03GB/22, SGV43E03GB/23, SGV43E03GB/26, SGV43E03GB/28, SGV43E03GB/29, SGV43E03GB/30, SGV43E03GB/31, SGV43E03UK/06, SGV43E03UK/09, SGV46M03GB/31, SGV46M03GB/33, SGV46M03GB/36, SGV46M13GB/10, SGV53E33GB/06, SGV53E33GB/09, SGV53E33GB/10, SGV53E43GB/37

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Seal seems to be sealing !
Thursday, 1 October 2015  |  Elisabeth

The seal seems to work and arrived quickly in the post. Thank you

Bosch Dishwasher Upper Door Seal
Thursday, 3 September 2015  |  Alvin

Arrived in two days, Fitted in 5 minutes Thanks to a You Tube Demo.
No more tarry black marks on fingers and clothing. Thanks.

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