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Bosch Dishwasher Hinge Repair Set

Bosch Dishwasher Hinge Repair Set

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Pump Bosch Washing Machine

Pump Bosch Washing Machine

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Bosch Neff Siemens Dishwasher Dispenser Tripping Device
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Bosch Neff Siemens Dishwasher Dispenser Tripping Device

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  • Stock Code: PA1421
  • Brand:  Bosch
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement dispenser tripping device to fit Bosch, Hotpoint, Neff and Siemens dishwashers. This part includes the lever and spring to repair your dishwasher dispenser lid if it will not open or close correctly.


  • Dispenser Tripping Device
  • Includes Lever and Spring

Fits these models:

Bosch Dishwasher Models, SGE09A15GB/11, SGI3000GB/01, SGI3000GB/07, SGI3000GB/08, SGI3000GB/09, SGI3000GB/10, SGI3002GB/01, SGI3002GB/07, SGI3002GB/08, SGI3002GB/09, SGI3002GB/10, SGI3005GB/01, SGI3005GB/02, SGI3006GB/01, SGI3006GB/02, SGI3010GB/01, SGI3010GB/07, SGI3010GB/12, SGI3010GB/13, SGI3010GB/20, SGI3012GB/01, SGI3012GB/07, SGI3012GB/12, SGI3012GB/13, SGI3012GB/20, SGI30A02GB/01, SGI30A05GB/01, SGI30A06GB/01, SGI3300GB/01, SGI3302GB/01, SGI3305GB/01, SGI3310GB/01, SGI3312GB/01, SGI3315GB/01, SGI3316GB/01, SGI43A22GB/01, SGI43A25GB/01, SGI43A26GB/01, SGI5300GB/07, SGI5300GB/12, SGI5300GB/13, SGI5302GB/07, SGI5302GB/12, SGI5302GB/13, SGI5305GB/07, SGI5305GB/11, SGI5305GB/12, SGI5305GB/13, SGI5306GB/07, SGI5306GB/12, SGI5306GB/13, SGI5322GB/17, SGI5325GB/17, SGI5326GB/17, SGI5342GB/01, SGI5345GB/01, SGI5345GB/13, SGI5346GB/01, SGI56A02GB/35, SGI56A02GB/38, SGI56A05GB/35, SGI56A05GB/38, SGI56A06GB/35, SGI56A06GB/38, SGI6600GB/12, SGI6600GB/13, SGI6602GB/12, SGI6602GB/13, SGI6612GB/03, SGI6612GB/05, SGI6612GB/07, SGI6615GB/03, SGI6615GB/05, SGI6615GB/07, SGI6615GB/12, SGI6625GB/13, SGS0902GB/03, SGS0902GB/04, SGS0902GB/05, SGS0902GB/06, SGS0902GB/09, SGS0922GB/06, SGS0922GB/11, SGS09A02GB/11, SGS09A08GB/11, SGS3042GB/01, SGS3042GB/03, SGS3042GB/04, SGS3062GB/01, SGS3062GB/02, SGS4002GB/07, SGS4002GB/12, SGS4002GB/13, SGS4002GB/20, SGS4012GB/01, SGS4012GB/07, SGS4012GB/12, SGS4012GB/13, SGS4012GB/14, SGS4012GB/28, SGS4012GB/31, SGS4072GB/01, SGS4072GB/02, SGS4332GB/17, SGS4332GB/29, SGS43A12GB/27, SGS43A12GB/38, SGS43A18GB/27, SGS43A18GB/38, SGS43A42GB/01, SGS43A52GB/01, SGS43A52GB/35, SGS43C02GB/35, SGS43E08GB/35, SGS43T58GB/21, SGS4442GB/01, SGS4452GB/01, SGS4452GB/13, SGS4468GB/27, SGS4468GB/35, SGS45E08GB/45, SGS5002GB/01, SGS5002GB/07, SGS5022GB/07, SGS5022GB/12, SGS5022GB/13, SGS5022GB/20, SGS5302GB/07, SGS5302GB/09, SGS5308GB/07, SGS5308GB/12, SGS5308GB/13, SGS5312GB/07, SGS5312GB/12, SGS5312GB/13, SGS5318GB/12, SGS5318GB/13, SGS5332GB/17, SGS5338GB/12, SGS5342GB/17, SGS5348GB/17, SGS5358GB/17, SGS5362GB/01, SGS5362GB/13, SGS53A02GB/27, SGS53A02GB/38, SGS56E02GB/47, SGS6302GB/06, SGS6302GB/07, SGS6302GB/12, SGS6302GB/13, SGS6312GB/04, SGS6312GB/07, SGS6312GB/12, SGS6312GB/13, SGS6322GB/07, SGS6322GB/12, SGS6322GB/13, SGS6342GB/07, SGS6342GB/12, SGS6342GB/13, SGS6352GB/17, SGS6612GB/01, SGS6612GB/03, SGS6612GB/05, SGS6612GB/07, SGS6612GB/12, SGS66A02GB/13, SGS66A08GB/13, SGS6922GB/01, SGS6922GB/02, SGS6922GB/05, SGS6922GB/07, SGS6922GB/12, SGS6922GB/13, SGS6952GB/13, SGS6962GB/13, SGS6962GB/17, SGS69A02GB/13, SGS8812GB/27, SGS8812GB/35, SGS8812GB/38, SGV4303GB/07, SGV4303GB/12, SGV4313GB/07, SGV4313GB/12, SGV4313GB/13, SGV4313GB/17, SGV43A03GB/17, SGV43A03GB/38, SGV5303GB/07, SGV5303GB/12, SGV5303GB/13, SGV5303GB/17, SGV5303GB/19, SGV5613GB/12, SGV56A03GB/12, SGV56A03GB/17, SHS4002GB/01, SHS4002GB/07, SHS4002GB/12, SHS6902GB/07, SHS6902GB/12, SHS6902GB/13, SHU5312GB/08, SHU5316GB/08, SHU53A02GB/27, SHV4313GB/07, SHV4313GB/12, SHV4313GB/13, SHV5303GB/07, SHV5303GB/12, SHV5303GB/13, SHV5303GB/19, SHV55M03GB/56, SRS4002GB/01, SRS4002GB/05, SRS4302GB/02, SRS4302GB/04, SRS43A02GB/14, SRS5602GB/02, SRS5602GB/04, SRV4603GB/02, SRV4603GB/04, Hotpoint Dishwasher Models, BC20, BF71, DC25P, DC26N, DC26P, DC26S, DF61N, DF61P, DF61X, DF62H, DF62N, DF62P, DF62S, DF62T, DF62U, DF62X, DWF30N/1, DWF30N/2, DWF30P/1, DWF30P/2, DWF30S/1, DWF30S/2, DWF31N, DWF31P, DWF31S, DWF32N, DWF32P, DWF32S, DWF33N, DWF33P, DWF33S, DWF34N, DWF34P, DWF34S, DWF35N, DWF35P, DWF35S, DWF60N, DWF60P, DWF60S, DWF60YS, DWF61N, DWF61P, DWF61S, DWF61YS, DWM37A, Neff Dishwasher Models, B1421N2GB/05, S4430W0GB/01, S5443X2GB/17, S5443X2GB/38, S5443X2GB/42, S5443X2GB/44, S5443X2GB/46, Siemens Dishwasher Models, SE24031GB/22, SE24200GB/01, SE26230GB/12, SE65530GB/13, SL65530GB/07

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Good servise
Thursday, 7 January 2016  |  Sugarsuren

Very happy!

Bosch Dishwasher Tripping Device
Wednesday, 16 December 2015  |  Ian

Correct part, fast delivery, sprinkled with a quick visit to YouTube and all working fine thanks.

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