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Bosch Dishwasher Bearing Clips
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Bosch Dishwasher Bearing Clips

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  • Stock Code: PA463
  • Brand:  Bosch
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement basket bearing support clips for Bosch dishwasher models shown.


  • Basket Bearing Clips
  • 1 Pair

Fits these models:

SGI45E12GB/22, SGI45E12GB/23, SGI45E12GB/26, SGI45E12GB/28, SGI45E12GB/29, SGI45E12GB/30, SGI45E12GB/31, SGI45E12UK/06, SGI45E12UK/09, SGI45E12UK/10, SGI45E12UK/14, SGI45E15GB/21, SGI45E15GB/22, SGI45E15GB/23, SGI45E15GB/26, SGI45E15GB/28, SGI45E15GB/29, SGI45E15GB/30, SGI45E15GB/31, SGI45E15UK/06, SGI45E15UK/09, SGI45E15UK/10, SGI45E15UK/14, SGI45E16GB/22, SGI45E16GB/23, SGI45E16GB/26, SGI45E16GB/28, SGI45E16GB/29, SGI45E16GB/30, SGI45E16GB/31, SGI45E16UK/06, SGI45E16UK/09, SGI45E16UK/10, SGI45E16UK/14, SGI45M55GB/35, SGI45M55GB/73, SGI46M65GB/01, SGI46M65GB/82, SGI46M65GB/90, SGI46M65GB/93, SGI57M05GB/32, SGI57M05GB/34, SGI57M05GB/36, SGI57M05GB/37, SGS43E18EU/02, SGS43E18EU/09, SGS43E18EU/16, SGS43T32GB/37, SGS43T72GB/02, SGS43T72GB/04, SGS43T72GB/05, SGS43T72GB/06, SGS43T72GB/09, SGS43T72GB/10, SGS43T72GB/11, SGS43T72GB/13, SGS43T72GB/14, SGS43T72GB/16, SGS43T72UK/26, SGS43T72UK/30, SGS43T72UK/31, SGS43T92GB/36, SGS43T92GB/37, SGS44T12GB/11, SGS44T12GB/13, SGS44T12GB/14, SGS44T12GB/16, SGS45A02GB/36, SGS45A02GB/39, SGS45A08GB/36, SGS45E02GB/52, SGS45E02GB/56, SGS45E08GB/52, SGS45E08GB/56, SGS45E62GB/35, SGS45E62GB/52, SGS45E62GB/64, SGS45E62GB/68, SGS45E68GB/52, SGS45E68GB/56, SGS45E68GB/64, SGS45E68GB/68, SGS45E82EU/35, SGS46E12GB/64, SGS46E12GB/73, SGS46E18GB/35, SGS46E18GB/73, SGS46E22GB/01, SGS46E22GB/82, SGS46E22GB/90, SGS46E26GB/01, SGS46E26GB/82, SGS46E26GB/90, SGS46E26GB/91, SGS47E02GB/56, SGS47E12GB/35, SGS47E12GB/64, SGS47E12GB/73, SGS55E12GB/56, SGS55E92EU/26, SGS55E92EU/31, SGS55E92EU/33, SGS55E92EU/34, SGS55E92EU/36, SGS55E92EU/37, SGS57A02GB/36, SGS57E02GB/56, SGS57E08GB/56, SGS57E12GB/17, SGS57E12GB/35, SGS57E12GB/36, SGS57E18GB/17, SGS57E18GB/35, SGS57E18GB/36, SGS57E22GB/35, SGS57E22GB/73, SGS57E32GB/73, SGS57E42GB/01, SGS57E42GB/82, SGS57E42GB/86, SGS57E42GB/90, SGU53E02EU/52, SGU53E02EU/56, SGV43E03UK/06, SGV43E03UK/09, SGV45M43EU/40, SGV45M43EU/72, SGV45M43EU/73, SGV46M03GB/31, SGV46M03GB/33, SGV46M03GB/36, SGV46M13GB/10, SGV46M43EU/73, SGV46M43EU/82, SGV46M43EU/86, SGV46M43EU/93, SGV46M43EU/94, SGV53E03GB/55, SGV53E03GB/56, SGV53E03GB/70, SGV53E03GB/72, SGV53E03GB/73, SGV53E03GB/74, SGV53E33GB/06, SGV53E33GB/09, SGV53E33GB/10, SGV53E43GB/37, SHV55M03GB/55, SHV55M03GB/56, SHV55M03GB/70, SHV55M03GB/73, SHV55M03GB/79, SHV55M03GB/82, SHV55M03GB/86, SHV55M03GB/90, SHV55M03GB/93, SHV55M03GB/94

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Dishwasher parts
Tuesday, 19 May 2020  |  Rook

Excellent service - parts came very quickly - the communication was excellent *****

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