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Bosch Dishwasher Hinge Repair Set

Bosch Dishwasher Hinge Repair Set

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Pump Bosch Washing Machine

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Bosch Cooker Hood Grease Filter Papers
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Bosch Cooker Hood Grease Filter Papers

  • Stock Code: PA173
  • Brand:  Bosch
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement Bosch cooker hood grease filter papers. These filter papers are supplied in a pack of six and are used to filter the air of grease during cooking.


  • Cooker Hood Grease Filter Paper
  • Pack of 6 Filter Papers

Fits these models:

DHE620AGB/01, DHE620AGB/03, DHE622AGB/03, DHE625AGB/01, DHE630AGB/01, DHE630AGB/06, DHE632AGB/01, DHE632AGB/06, DHE635AGB/01, DHE635BGB/01, DHE635BGB/02, DHE635BGB/03, DHE645CGB/01, DHE650AGB/01, DHE650AGB/03, DHE650AGB/04, DHE652AGB/01, DHE652AGB/03, DHE652AGB/04, DHL525AGB/01, DHL525AGB/02, DHL525AGB/03, DHL535AGB/01, DHL535AGB/02, DHL535AGB/03, DHL555KGB/01, DHL555KGB/02, DHL555KGB/03, DHL555KGB/04, DHS620BGB/02, DHS622BGB/02, DHS632AGB/01, DHU622BGB/01, DHU622PGB/01, DHU630AGB/01, DHU630EGB/01, DHU632AGB/01, DHU632EGB/01, DHU632PGB/01, DHU632PGB/02, DHU632PGB/03, DHU632PGB/04, DHU635EGB/01, DHU635PGB/01, DHU635PGB/02, DHU635PGB/03, DHU636PGB/01, DHU636PGB/02, DHU636PGB/03

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