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Blomberg Dishwasher On Off Switch
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Blomberg Dishwasher On Off Switch

  • Stock Code: PA802
  • Brand:  Blomberg
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

This genuine on/off switch is for Blomberg dishwasher models listed below.


  • On/Off Switch

Fits these models:

DW14110NBL00, DW14120NBL00, DW14140NBL00, DW14140NN, DW15110NBL00, DW15111NBL00, DW15120NBL00, DW15121NBL00, DW15140NBL00, DW15141NBL00, DW15241NBL00, DW55100B, DW55100W, DWT14210NBL00, DWT14220NBL00, DWT14240NBL00, DWT14410, DWT14420, DWT14440, DWT15210NBL00, GIN1220, GIN1220WB, GIN1220X, GIN1220XB, GIN1370X, GIN1370XB, GIN1380L, GIN1380X, GIN1380XB, GIN1580X, GIN1580XB, GIN1585XB, GIN2225X, GIN9260E, GIN9262X, GLN9220E, GLN9460XB, GSN1210, GSN1210X, GSN1220, GSN1220A, GSN1220R, GSN1220X, GSN1370, GSN1370X, GSN1380, GSN1380A, GSN1380AR, GSN1380X, GSN1580, GSN1580A, GSN1580L, GSN1580X, GSN1580XB, GSN1581, GSN1581X, GSN1582A, GTN1220, GTN1220E, GTN1220W, GTN1220X, GTN9220E, GUN1210, GUN1210X, GUN1215, GUN1215X, GUN1220, GUN1380A, GUN1380X, GUN1580A, GUN1580X, GUN1582XB, GUN8380A, GUN8380X, GUN8880, GVN1220, GVN2210, GVN2215, GVN2480, GVN9220, GVN9225, GVN9465XB, GVN9480V7, GVN9480X7, GVN9482E20, MGTN9225

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