Tumble Dryer Fire Risks!!!

In almost every case that we have come across it has come down to one simple thing, a lack of care by the user.
It does state in every handbook for tumble dryers that it is recommended that " The appliance should never be left unattended" these appliances should be supervised at all times. 
YOU MUST CLEAN THE FILTER AND THE CONDENSER UNIT  ( If you have a condenser tumble dryer)
The biggest risk of a tumble dryer fire is the Fluff Filter not bieng cleaned regularly, this is a very easy thing to do, it does say in tumble dryer handbooks to clean the Fluff Filter after each use, it only takes a few seconds to do.
If the Fluff Filter is not cleaned regularly then the Fluff/ Lint builds up and gets pushed through the air system and will eventually reach the heater element where it can smoulder or burn.
Always check that your Fluff Filter is in good condition with no holes ( holes will allow the Fluff to get through the air system).
Not maintaining your Fluff Filter is just an accident waiting to happen, so go and check your Fluff Filter now, and don't forget to check it each time you use your tumble dryer.  

Nothing in the tumble dryer will burn as it is designed to catch the Fluff in the Fluff Filter before it can get to the heater element, if the Fluff Filter is not maintained, then this is a problem caused by the user not the manufacturer. Not all problems with appliances are the fault of the manufacturer.