Does Your Washing Machine Smell?

We often have customers come into our shop for advice on how to rid their washing machines of nasty smells.

There is a solution. Being energy conscious and watching the pennies we mainly use a 40 degree wash. Some machines can do a wash as low as 20 degrees. This being the case, the bacteria is not being killed and so multiplies and gives off a nasty smell. Some customers have even renewed their washing machine because of this problem.

If you do a maintenance wash of 60 degrees or above once a month with a good quality wash powder, and without any clothes in the washer, it will help reduce bacteria and freshen your machine. Clean out the soap drawer regularly, and wipe the door seal after use and leave it ajar so that the air can flow around the machine. Check that your plumbing is in order and it isn't flowing back into the machine (you would know this is happening if there is water in the machine in the morning after being switched off).

All of the above will help deal with the smelly problem, but in more extreme cases you may need some further help. We recommend a fantastic product called Affresh.