Beko Washing Machine Door Lock

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Genuine replacement Beko washing machine door interlock. This Metalflex door lock is for Beko washing machine models listed.


  • Beko Door Interlock
  • Type: Metalflex

Fits these models:

WM1510S, WM1510W, WM1512S, WM1512W, WM5100S, WM5100S, WM5100W, WM5100W, WM5120S, WM5120S, WM5120W, WM5120W, WM5140S, WM5140S, WM5140W, WM5140W, WM6103W, WM6103W, WM6120S, WM6120S, WM6123S, WM6123S, WM6123W, WM6123W, WM6133S, WM6133S, WM6133W, WM6133W, WM6142W, WM6142W, WM6143S, WM6143S, WM6143W, WM6143W, WM6152W, WM6152W, WM6167S, WM6167S, WM6167W, WM6167W, WM6355W, WM6355W, WM7127S, WM7127S, WM7127W, WM7127W, WM7147S, WM7147S, WM7147W, WM7147W, WM8127S, WM8127S, WM8127W, WM8127W, WMA10W, WMA10W, WMA10W, WMA1510S, WMA1510S, WMA1510W, WMA1510W, WMA1512S, WMA1512S, WMA1512S, WMA1512S, WMA1512W, WMA1512W, WMA1512W, WMA1512W, WMA510S, WMA510S, WMA510W, WMA510W, WMA520S, WMA520S, WMA520W, WMA520W, WMA610S, WMA610S, WMA610W, WMA610W, WMA620S, WMA620S, WMA620W, WMA620W, WMA641S, WMA641S, WMA641W, WMA641W, WMA642S, WMA642S, WMA642W, WMA642W, WMA647W, WMA647W, WMA651S, WMA651S, WMA651W, WMA651W, WMA652S, WMA652S, WMA652S, WMA657W, WMA665S, WMA665W, WMA667S, WMA667W, WMA727S, WMA727S, WMA727W, WMA727W, WMA747S, WMA747S, WMA747W, WMA747W, WMA767S, WMA767S, WMA767W, WMA767W, WMB10W, WMB10W, WMC61W, WMC61W, WMC62W, WMC62W, WMC64W, WMC64W, WME7227S, WME7227S, WME7227W, WME7227W, WME7247S, WME7247S, WME7247W, WME7247W, WME7267S, WME7267S, WME7267W, WME7267W, WME8227B, WME8227B, WME8227S, WME8227S, WME8227W, WME8227W

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3 Reviews:

It's a switch!
12 April 2024  |  Don

Not much to say except it replaced a faulty door interlock switch, and it works fine.

beko door interlock
08 August 2016  |  Neil

watched a video,of the part,being fitted.followed delivery.genuine part.

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