Genuine Main Oven Thermostat

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Genuine main oven thermostat to fit a range of Beko manufactured cookers and ovens. This part is suitable to fit select models of Beko, Blomberg, Belling, Flavel, Leisure, Lamona, New World, Stoves and Swan.


  • Main Oven Thermostat
  • This can fit ovens sold by different manufacturers and brands.
  • See below for list of models this part fits.

Fits these models:

Beko Cooker Models, BD531AW, BD532AS, BD532AW, BD533AK, BD533AS, BD533AW, BDC545AS, BDC545AW, BDC643K, BDC643S, BDC643W, BDC5422AS, BDC5422AW, BDC5422X, BDCC640W, BDV555AS, BDV555AW, BDV555AX, BDV655W, BDVC100K, BDVC100X, BDVC563AK, BDVC563AW, BDVC668W, BDVC668X, BDVI668K, BDVI668X, BE10ELEK, BE10ELES, BIC22100X, BIM24301BCS, BRIE22300XD, BS530S, BS530W, BSC532AW, COOK56TFW, COOK58TCK, COOK59DCX, COOK69DFK, CSE86300GW, CSS57000GW, D531AW, D532AS, D532AW, D533AK, D533AS, D533AW, D533K, DBM243BG, DC543S, DC543W, DC543X, DC545AW, DC643S, DC643W, DC3511G, DC3511SI, DC3511W, DC5422AS, DC5422AW, DC5422S, DC5422W, DC5422X, DCC4521G, DCC4521S, DCC4521W, DV555AS, DV555S, DV555W, DV655S, DV655W, DV655X, DV5531G, DV5531SI, DV5531W, DV5631B, DV5631G, DV5631S, DV5631SI, DV5631W, DV5632S, DVC61S, DVC61W, DVC62NS, DVC62W, DVC563AK, DVC563AW, DVC563S, DVC563W, DVC565S, DVC565W, DVC565X, DVC665S, DVC665W, DVC665X, DVC5622X, DVC6522NS, DVC6522W, DVC6531B, DVC6531G, DVC6531S, DVC6531W, DVC6631B, DVC6631G, DVC6631S, DVC6631W, GM15120DXPR, OCE22300X, ODF21300B, ODF21300W, ODF22300X, OIC21001X, OIC21003W, OIC22102X, OIE22300X, OIF21100W, OIF21101X, OIF21300B, OIF21300W, OIF22000X, OIF22100X, OIF22300X, OIF22309X, OIM2N300X, OIM2N301X, OIM2N301XK, OIM22300X, OTF22300X, OUC2N000X, OUE2N000X, OUM2N100X, OUM2N300X, OUM2N301X, OUM22323X, QOM243B, SC524X, SC1521SI, SC1521W, XDDF655S, XDDF655T, Belling Cooker Models, 100DF, 327WH, 333WH, 351MK2AN, 100EAN, 329GR, 334AN, 351MK2SI, 100ESI, 329MK2GR, 334SI, 355WH, 313GR, 329MK2WH, 334WH, 356WH, 313WH, 329WH, 335AN, 358AN, 316GR, 331GR, 335SI, 358WH, 316WH, 331WH, 335WH, 371GR, 317AN, 332GR, 336, 371WH, 317GR, 332WH, 342GR, 924AN, 317SI, 333GR, 342WH, 924CH, 317WH, 333MK2GR, 350MK2GR, 924GR, 327GR, 333MK2WH, 350MK2WH, 924SI, 924WH, D852MK2GR, D852MK2WH, D852WH, D852GR, D852MK2SI, D852SI, Blomberg Cooker Models, BDO9564X, BEO9414X, HKN9310, HKN9310Z, Flavel Cooker Models, AP10FRKP, E50W, FL95FRKP, ML5CDW, AP10FRSP, FBU70X, FL95FRXP, ML61CDS, BE50K, FBU71X, FL96FRKP, ML61CDW, BE50S, FDC90X, FLS61FX, ML6CDS, BE50T, FDF90X, FLS63FX, ML6CDW, BE50W, FL5PSW, FLV91FX, ML6FDW, DEHS6X, FL5SS, FN10FRS, ML6FDWP, DGHS6X, FL92FRXP, FN10FRSP, MLB5CDT, DGHS6XP, FL95CRK, ML10CRS, MLB5CDW, E50S, FL95CRX, ML10FRSP, Lamona Cooker Models, HJA3400, HJA3660, HJA4620, HJA5093, HJA5100, HJA5110, LAM3201, LAM3205, LAM3206, LAM3301, LAM3400, LAM3402, LAM3600, LAM4400, LAM4600, LAM4601, Leisure Cooker Models, AAP10FRC, CA10FRS, CM10FRC, CMCF99B, AAP10FRK, CM101CRR, CM10FRCP, CMCF99C, ACM10FRC, CM101FRC, CM10FRK, CMCF99K, ACM10FRK, CM101FRCP, CM10FRKP, CMCF99RP, AL6CDW, CM101FRK, CMCE93K, CMCF99W, AL6FDW, CM101FRKP, CMCE96K, CMCF99X, AP10FRK, CM105FRBP, CMCE96S, CMT100FRCP, AP10FRKP, CM105FRNP, CMCE96X, CMT100FRKP, AP10FRS, CM105FRRP, CMCF93K, CMT102FRCP, AP5PDS, CM105FRWP, CMCF96K, CMT102FRKP, AP5PDW, CM10BRC, CMCF96S, CMT105FRRP, ARM10FRS, CM10BRK, CMCF96X, CMTE94C, CMTE94K, DC10FRXP, GRB6CVR, LEVI68X, CMTE95C, EB10CRX, GRB6FVK, LFS6MX, CMTE95K, EB10FRX, LEVC54K, ML10FRK, CMTF94C, EB10FRXP, LEVC54S, ML10FRS, CMTF94K, EBS6FX, LEVC54W, NP10FRS, CMTF95C, EBS6MX, LEVC54X, RCM10CRK, CMTF95K, FN10FRK, LEVC66K, RCM10CRS, CMTF99B, FNT101FRKP, LEVC66S, RCM10CRX, CMTF99N, GR6CVC, LEVC66W, RCM10FRK, CMTF99R, GR6CVK, LEVC66X, RCM10FRKP, CMTF99W, GRB6CVC, LEVC67W, RCM10FRSP, DC10CRX, GRB6CVK, LEVC67X, RCM10FRXP, RCMT102FRKP, RM10FRSP, RM6CVK, ZE5HVS, RCMT102FRXP, RM5CV, RM6CVS, ZE5HVW, RM10BRS, RM5CVK, RM6CVW, ZE6HVK, RM10CRK, RM5CVSV, RMS6EMK, ZE6HVS, RM10CRS, RM5CVW, ZE10CRA, ZE6HVW, RM10FRK, RM5PVS, ZE10FRA, ZES6EMA, RM10FRS, RM5PVW, ZE5HVK, New World Cooker Models, 50ECWLMGRH, 50EDO, 50EWLGGRH, 50EWLGWH, 50ECWLMSV, 50ETC, 50EWLGSV, 50EWLMGRH, 50ECWLMWH, Stoves Cooker Models, EC500DOA, EC500DOASV, ES500DOASV, ES500DOAWH, EC500DOABLK, ES500DOABLK, Swan Cooker Models, SX1010, SX1010ES1, SX1015ES, SX1015ES1, SX1010ES, SX1015

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1 Review:

15 December 2015  |  John

Could have done with wiring instructions, as the part differed slightly from the original. Otherwise, delivery good and part appears to be working.