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Beko Fridge Freezer Electronic Control Module
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Beko Fridge Freezer Electronic Control Module

  • Stock Code: P4A2556
  • Brand:  Beko
  • Genuine Spare Part

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Same day dispatch before 2pm

Genuine replacement control module for various models of Beko and Blomberg fridge freezers.


  • Beko Fridge Freezer Control Module PCB
  • Special Order Non Returnable
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Genuine control module PCB to fit the following models:

Beko Fridge Freezer
CA5411FFS-2, CA5411FFW-2, CA5411FFW/1, CA7015FFS/1, CDA539FB-2, CDA539FS-2, CDA539FS/1, CDA539FW-2, CDA539FW/1, CDA543FB-2, CDA543FB/1, CDA543FS-2, CDA543FS/1, CDA543FS/2, CDA543FW-2, CDA543FW/1, CDA543FW/2, CDA555FW, CDA563FS/1, CDA563FW-2, CDA563FW/1, CDA565FS, CDA565FW, CDA645FS/1, CDA645FW/1, CDA647FS/1, CDA647FW/1, CDA648FS/1, CDA648FW/1, CDA653FB/1, CDA653FS/1, CDA653FW/1, CDA653FX/1, CDA658FS/1, CDA658FW/1, CDA659FS/1, CDA659FW/1, CDA664FW, CDA670FS, CDA670FW, CDA751FS/1, CDA751FW/1, CDA752FS/1, CDA752FW/1, CF64S, CF540W, CF5015APS, CF5015APW, CF5533APB, CF5533APS, CF5533APW, CF5834APB, CF5834APS, CF5834APW, CF6914APS, CF6914APW, CF6914S, CF6914W, CF7914APS, CFD64B, CFD64S, CFD540W, CFD5834APB, CFD5834APS, CFD5834APW, CFD6914APB, CFD6914APS, CFD6914APW, CFD6914APX, CFD6914B, CFD6914S, CFD6914W, CFD6914X, CFD7914APS, COOL53FW, COOL54FB, COOL54FDS, COOL54FDW, COOL54FS, COOL54FW, COOL64FDB, COOL64FDS, COOL64FS, COOL74FDS, CXF5083W, CXF5104B, CXF5104S, CXF5104W, CXF6114S, CXFD5104S, CXFD5104W, CXFD6114B, FF6091X, FFD5582W

Blomberg Fridge Freezer
KGM9550, KGM9550P, KGM9550PX, KGM9640, KGM9680, CDA563FS-2

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