Beko Blomberg Lamona Dishwasher Door Lock

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Door Interlock
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Genuine replacement dishwasher door lock to fit Beko, Blomberg, Flavel and Lamona dishwasher models as listed.


  • Dishwasher Door Lock

Fits these models:

Beko Dishwasher, BM6006, DFN28321W, DFN16X20X, DEN28320GW, DIS15010, DIT15210, DEN48X20X, DIN14210, DEN48X20G, DFN16X10B, DFS28020W, DEN28320GB, DIN16210, DFN16X10W, DWFN10LCD, DIS16R10, DIS15012, DIS15010, DIN16R10, DIN15311, DIN16X10, DIN15R11, DFN15R10X, DFN16420W, DIN15C10, DIN15X11, DIN15310, DIS15Q10, DIN15Q10, DFN15X10X, DIN15R10, DFN28R31X, DFN28R21B, DFN28R21W, DFN15X10B, DFN16X10G, DIN16210, DEN28320GB, DFN16210B, DFN16420G, DFN16X10X, DFN29420G, DWFN20LCD, DFN29X20X, DIN29X20, DFN28J21X, DEN28420GB, DIN26X22, DFN15J10W, DEN26X20GG, DFN28R22B, DFN28R22W, DFN16R10X, DIS15R10, DIN28R22, DIS25010, DFN28423W, DIN25410, DIS15011, DIN15211, BM 9019 I, DIN14C11, DIN26410, DIN15X10, DIN26X21, DIN29X31, DFN28320W, DIN28Q20, DIN28320, DFN16R10B, DFN28R30X, DFS28R20W, DFS28R20B, DIS28Q20, DIN26X20, DIN28R20, DFN16210W, DFN28J20X, DFN28R20W, BM 8008, DIS26010, DIN28221, DFN16210X, Blomberg Dishwasher, LDVS2284, LDVN2284, LDFN2240W, LDFS1110W, LDV02284, LDFN2240B, LDF42240G, LDF42240W, LDV42244, LDF42240B, Flavel Dishwasher, FDW452, FDW63, FDW64, FDW453, Grundig Dishwasher, GNF41823X, GNF41821W, GNV22620, GNF41821B, GNF11510W, GNV21520, GNF41620G, GNF41620W, GNF41821X, GNF41620B, GNF41825Z, Lamona Dishwasher, LAM8671, LAM8605, LAM8302, LAM8303

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