Freezer Drawer Front Cover

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Genuine freezer drawer front cover for Beko, Belling, Flavel, Leisure and New World fridge freezer models listed. Please check the dimensions of your freezer drawer front.


  • Freezer Drawer Front
  • Size 385mm x 180mm
  • This part can fit freezers sold by different manufacturers and brands.
  • See below for list of models this part fits.

Fits these models:

Beko Fridge Freezer Models, CBI7771, CIS55834W, CS5713APB, BC501, BC502, BC50F, BC50F-1, BC731, BC732, BC73F, BC73F-1, CA5410S, CA5410W, CA5411FFS, CA5411FFS, CA5411FFW, CA5411FFW, CA5411FFW, CA5411FFX, CDA538S, CDA538S-2, CDA538W, CDA538W-2, CDA539FB-2, CDA539FS, CDA539FS-1, CDA539FS-2, CDA539FW, CDA539FW-1, CDA539FW-2, CDA539FX, CDA541S, CDA541W, CDA542S, CDA542S-1, CDA542W, CDA542W-1, CDA543FB, CDA543FB-1, CDA543FB-2, CDA543FS, CDA543FS-1, CDA543FS-2, CDA543FW, CDA543FW-1, CDA543FW-2, CDA543FX, CDA554S, CDA554S, CDA554W, CDA554W-2, CDA555FW, CDA563FS, CDA563FS-1, CDA563FS-2, CDA563FW, CDA563FW-1, CDA563FW-2, CDA565FS, CDA565FW, CF5015APS, CF5015APW, CF540B, CF540S, CF540W, CF5533APB, CF5533APS, F5533APW, CF5834APB, CF5834APS, CF5834APW, FD540B, FD540S, CFD540W, CFD5834APB, CFD5834APS, FD5834APW, OOL53FW, COOL54FB, COOL54FDS, COOL54FDW, COOL54FS, COOL54FW, CS5533APW, S5713APS, CS5713APW, CS5824B, CS5824W, CS5834APS, CS5834APW, CSD5824W, EFC51533W, EFC51824W, FFD5582W, FS5552W, QC55F, QC75F, Belling Fridge Freezer Models, IFF5050, IFF5050FF, IFF7030, IFF7030FF, BE815, BE816, BE817, BIFF217, BIFF217A, BIFF233, BIFF233A, Flavel Fridge Freezer Models, FC5050, FC5050F, FC5050F, FC5050FAP, CFA65S, CFA65S, CFA65W, CFA65W-2, CFA70S, CFA70S-2, CFA70W, CFA70W-2, FC7030, FC7030FAP, Leisure Fridge Freezer Models, LC5527F, LC5531, LC78230, New World Fridge Freezer Models, IFF50, IFF50FF, IFF70, IFF70FF, NW5052FF, NW7032FF, NWFF5052FF, NWFF7031FF, WFF5052FF

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2 Reviews:

Fits perfectly
11 October 2021  |  Carol

Fast delivery and fits my new world fridge freezer perfectly

Solid product
24 April 2020  |  Anthony

Good service and excellent product