Fan Oven Element 1600W

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Genuine replacement 1600 watt fan oven element suitable to fit many Beko manufactured cooker models as shown. This element is suitable for Beko, Blomberg, Flavel, Lamona (Howdens), Leisure and Logik Cooker Models as listed below.


  • Fan Oven Element.
  • 1600 Watt.
  • Fits Beko manufactured cookers shown.

Fits these models:

Beko Cooker Models, BCDP503W, BCDVC503W, BD533AK, BD533AS, BD533AW, BDV555AK, BDV555AS, BDV555AW, BDV555AX, BDVC5XNTW, BDVC90X, BDVC100K, BDVC100X, BDVC563AK, BDVC563AW, BDVF90X, BDVF100K, BDVF100X, BDVI90K, BDVI90X, BE10DFK, BE10DFS, BE10ELEK, BE10ELES, BHDO50CK, BNTF22300XD, BRTF22300X, BTF26300X, BTQF22300X, BTQF24300B, BVM34400BC, BVM34500BM, BXTF25300X, BXVM35400X, CHDO50CK, CHDO50CW, COOK59DCX, CTF22309X, EDP503W, EDVC503W, KD533AK, KD533AS, KD533AW, KDV555AK, KDV555AS, KDV555AW, KDVC90X, KDVC100K, KDVC100X, KDVC563AK, KDVC563AW, KDVF90K, KDVF90S, KDVF90X, KDVF100K, KDVF100S, KDVF100X, KDVI90K, KDVI90X, OTF22300X, XDVC5XNTT, XDVC5XNTW, Blomberg Cooker Models, BIO7402X, OTN9302X, Flavel Cooker Models, FAP10FRK, FLV72FX, MLB5CDK, MLB5CDT, MLB5CDW, MLN9CRK, MLN9CRS, MLN9FRK, MLN9FRS, MLN10CRK, MLN10CRS, MLN10FRK, MLN10FRS, Lamona (Howdens) Cooker Models, LAM4405, HAP5002, HAP5003, LAM4401, Leisure Cooker Models, AL90D230K, AL90F230B, AL90F230C, AL90F230K, AL100F210K, AL100F230K, CC90F531C, CC90F531K, CC90F531S, CC100F521C, CC100F521K, CC100F521S, CC100F521T, CK90C230C, CK90C230K, CK90C230S, CK90F232B, CK90F232C, CK90F232K, CK90F232R, CK90F232S, CK90F530T, CK90F530X, CK100C210C, CK100C210K, CK100C210R, CK100C210S, CK100C210X, CK100D210K, CK100F232B, CK100F232C, CK100F232K, CK100F232R, CK100F232S, CK100F232X, CS90C530K, CS90C530X, CS90D530X, CS90F530K, CS90F530X, CS90FMIRK, CS90FMIRX, CS100C510K, CS100C510X, CS100D510X, CS100F520K, CS100F520X, CS100FMIRK, CS100FMIRX, CS110F722K, CS110F722X, Logik Cooker Models, LBUDOX16, LBUDOX18

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Flavel Element
11 October 2018  |  Kristina

Simple to install. Happy with product