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Bosch Washing Machine Pump

Bosch Washing Machine Pump

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Bauknecht Washing Machine Pump Filter
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Bauknecht Washing Machine Pump Filter

  • Stock Code: BAUC00314883
  • Brand:  Bauknecht
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock, immediate dispatch  

In stock, immediate dispatch

Product Details

This genuine replacement pump filter will fit Bauknecht washing machines listed below.


  • Bauknecht Pump Filter

Fits these models:

WA1000WS, WA5130, WA526, WA5340/9, WA538, WA541/12, WA541/2-B, WA541/9, WA541WS-B, WA562, WA562/2, WA562/9NL, WA580WS, WA583, WA583/2WS-NL, WA583/9WS-NL, WA590/1WS, WA590WS, WA591/1WS-EU, WA591/1WS-EUWASCH, WA591WS, WA9200WS-NL, WA9320/1WS, WA9320BR, WA9340-1/WS, WA9356/1WS, WA9430/1, WA9430/1WS-NL, WA9430A/WS-GB, WA9430A/WS-NL, WA9430BR-GB, WA9430WS, WA9430WS-GB, WA9431E/WS, WA9435WS, WA9435WS-EU, WA9437A/WS-GB, WA9437WS-D, WA9440/1WS-NL, WA9440-1/10A, WA9441A/WS-NL, WA9450/1WS-FWASCH, WA9450TBRGB, WA9450TWSGB, WA9454-1/WS, WA9457, WA9482C/WS-NL, WA9520/1WS-NL, WA9530/1WS-NL, WA9530WS-NL, WA9540/1WS, WA9550/AWS-NL, WA95501WSNL, WA9550A/WS-NL, WA9556/1WS, WA9640/1, WA9640/1WS-NL, WA9640A/WS-GB, WA9641A/WS-NL, WA9650/1/WS/EU, WA9650/1WS-NL, WA9650TWS-GB, WA9654/1WS, WA9656-1WS, WA9657LIMITED, WA9660WS-B, WA9660WS-NL, WA9675UD/BRWASCHA, WA9675WS, WA9682C/WS-NL, WA9685/C/UD/WS, WA9685CUD/BR10A, WA9770C/WS-NL, WA9840/1WS-NL, WA9841A/WS-NL, WA9850, WA9850/1WS-GB, WA9850A/WS-GB, WA9854/1WS, WA9856/1WS, WA9870TWS-GB, WA9870WS, WA9872TWS-GB, WA9872WS-GB, WA9877WS-EU, WA9882C/WS, WA9882C/WS-NL16A, WAALLURE, WAALLURE/1WS-NL, WAALLURE1000A-NL, WAALLURE1200A/WS-, WAALLURE1400A/WS-, WAFINESSE/1WS-NL, WAFINESSEA/WS-NL, WAI2530/WS-GB, WAI2542/2, WAI2542/2-GB, WASTGT.800A/WS-EU, WASTUTTGART, WT9840A/WS-EU, WT9840A/WS-NL, WT9840WS-GB, WT9840WS-NL, WTE9645WS, WTE9842WS, WTE9842WS-NL

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