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Zanussi Washing Machine Pump

Zanussi Washing Machine Pump£18.49

Genuine replacement Zanussi washing machine Drain pump.

Beko Washing Machine Drain Pump

Beko Washing Machine Drain Pump£17.56

Quality replacement Drain Pump Suitable For Select Beko Washing Machines.

Bauknecht Washing Machine Pump Filter

Bauknecht Washing Machine Pump Filter

  • Stock Code:  BAUC00314883
  • Brand:  Bauknecht
    • Genuine Spare Part


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Immediate Dispatch Before 2pm  

Immediate Dispatch Before 2pm


If your pump filter on your washing machine is damaged, this genuine replacement pump filter will fit many Bauknecht washing machines and is easy to fit.


  • Bauknecht Washing Machine Pump Filter
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Pump Filter Suitable For Select Models:

Bauknecht Washing Machine
WA1000WS, WA5130, WA526, WA5340/9, WA538, WA541/12, WA541/2-B, WA541/9, WA541WS-B, WA562, WA562/2, WA562/9NL, WA580WS, WA583, WA583/2WS-NL, WA583/9WS-NL, WA590/1WS, WA590WS, WA591/1WS-EU, WA591/1WS-EUWASCH, WA591WS, WA9200WS-NL, WA9320/1WS, WA9320BR, WA9340-1/WS, WA9356/1WS, WA9430/1, WA9430/1WS-NL, WA9430A/WS-GB, WA9430A/WS-NL, WA9430BR-GB, WA9430WS, WA9430WS-GB, WA9431E/WS, WA9435WS, WA9435WS-EU, WA9437A/WS-GB, WA9437WS-D, WA9440-1/10A, WA9440/1WS-NL, WA9441A/WS-NL, WA9450/1WS-FWASCH, WA9450TBRGB, WA9450TWSGB, WA9454-1/WS, WA9457, WA9482C/WS-NL, WA9520/1WS-NL, WA9530/1WS-NL, WA9530WS-NL, WA9540/1WS, WA9550/AWS-NL, WA95501WSNL, WA9550A/WS-NL, WA9556/1WS, WA9640/1, WA9640/1WS-NL, WA9640A/WS-GB, WA9641A/WS-NL, WA9650/1/WS/EU, WA9650/1WS-NL, WA9650TWS-GB, WA9654/1WS, WA9656-1WS, WA9657LIMITED, WA9660WS-B, WA9660WS-NL, WA9675UD/BRWASCHA, WA9675WS, WA9682C/WS-NL, WA9685/C/UD/WS, WA9685CUD/BR10A, WA9770C/WS-NL, WA9840/1WS-NL, WA9841A/WS-NL, WA9850, WA9850/1WS-GB, WA9850A/WS-GB, WA9854/1WS, WA9856/1WS, WA9870TWS-GB, WA9870WS, WA9872TWS-GB, WA9872WS-GB, WA9877WS-EU, WA9882C/WS, WA9882C/WS-NL16A, WAALLURE, WAALLURE/1WS-NL, WAALLURE1000A-NL, WAALLURE1200A/WS-, WAALLURE1400A/WS-, WAFINESSE/1WS-NL, WAFINESSEA/WS-NL, WAI2530/WS-GB, WAI2542/2, WAI2542/2-GB, WASTGT.800A/WS-EU, WASTUTTGART, WT9840A/WS-EU, WT9840A/WS-NL, WT9840WS-GB, WT9840WS-NL, WTE9645WS, WTE9842WS, WTE9842WS-NL

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