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Beko Oven Shelf Grid

Beko Oven Shelf Grid

Bauknecht Oven Grid Shelf
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Bauknecht Oven Grid Shelf

  • Stock Code: C00312479[2]
  • Brand:  Bauknecht
  • Genuine Spare Part

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Same day dispatch before 2pm  

Same day dispatch before 2pm

This genuine oven shelf is the perfect replacement if you are adding an extra shelf or replacing a broken shelf in your Bauknecht oven.


  • Bauknecht Oven Shelf
  • Size 445 x 340 mm
  • See Suitable Models

Oven shelf to fit appliance models:

Bauknecht Cooker & Oven
BBSC3000WS, BBSE3000BR, BBSE3000WS, BBSH3000BR, BBSH3000WS, BBZE3000SW, BBZE3000WS, BBZH3000WS, BELS3000IN, BELS3000SW, BELS3000WS, BEMZ3000/SW, BEMZ3000/WS, BEMZ3000IN, BLC3000BR, BLC3000BRGB, BLC3000SWGB, BLC3000WHGB, BLC3000WS, BLCE3000BRGB, BLCE3000SWGB, BLCE3000WSGB, BLCE3002SWGB, BLCE3002WSGB, BLCE3004BRGB, BLCE3004INGB, BLCE3004SW, BLCE3004SWGB, BLCE3004WS, BLCE3004WSGB, BLH3000BR, BLH3000WS, BLH3003BR, BLH3003IN, BLH3003WS, BLHP5969/IN, BLZG3002INGB, BLZG3002SW, BLZG3002WS, BLZH3002IN, BLZH3002WS, BMZ3000IN, BMZ3000SW, BMZ3000WS, BMZH5099IN, BSCE3000BR, BSCE3000BR/01, BSCE3000SW, BSCE3000WS, BSCE3000WS/01, BSCH3000BR, BSCH3000WS, BSN3000SW, BSN3000WS, BSZ5000/01/IN, EEMZ3498SP, EEMZ3498SW, EEMZ3498WS, EGN3200BR, EGN3200IX, EGN3200JAS, EGN3200SW, EGN3200WS, EGNT3400SP, EGNT3400SW, EGNT3400WS, EGZT3400IN, EGZT3400SW, EGZT3400WS, EMZE3480SP, EMZE3480SW, EMZE3480WS, ESN3411BR, ESN3481IN, ESN3481SW, ESN3481WS, ESZ3480IN, ESZ3480SW, ESZ3480WS

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