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Universal Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

Universal Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

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Bauknecht Dishwasher Cutlery Basket
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Bauknecht Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

  • Stock Code: BAUC00311331
  • Brand:  Bauknecht
  • Genuine Spare Part


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Same day dispatch before 2pm

Looking for a replacement Bauknecht dishwasher cutlery basket? Then look no further, keep all your cutlery safe in one place with this genuine Bauknecht dishwasher basket.


  • Bauknecht Dishwasher Cutlery Basket
  • Height (with handle): 140mm
  • Height 100mm
  • Length: 226mm
  • Width: 182mm
  • New Design

Fits these models:

ADP7740/3WH, ADP7962/3WH, GSF7197TW-WS, GSF7199TW-WS, GSFS4449, GSF3040WS, GSF3120WS, GSF3130WS, GSF3150DWS, GSF3152DWS/10A, GSF3162DWS, GSF3166DWS, GSF3174DWS, GSF3452DWS, GSF3464DWS, GSF3552DWS, GSFFINESSE-NL, GSI3320BR, GSI3320WS, GSI3330BR, GSI3330WS, GSI3332BR, GSI3332SW, GSI3332WS, GSI3342BR, GSI3342WS, GSI3350BR, GSI3350WS, GSI3352/BR, GSI3352/WS, GSI3354/SW, GSI3354/WS, GSI3362/BR, GSI3362/WS, GSI3374/BR, GSI3374/IN, GSI3374/SW, GSI3374/WS, GSI3374BR, GSI3374WS, GSU3252/D/WS, GSU3262DBR, GSF2120WS, GSF2130WS, GSF2140WS, GSF2150DWS, GSF2163DWS, GSF2172DWS, GSF250DWS, GSF3040S/WS, GSF3130S/WS, GSF3142S/WS, GSF3144S/WS, GSF3150S/WS, GSF3152DBR, GSF3152DWS, GSF3164DWS, GSF3164S/DWS, GSF3174DWS, GSF3174S/DWS, GSF341S/WSFLORIDA, GSF341WS-EURO, GSF3564DWS, GSF5001BR, GSF5001WS, GSF5005S/STGT.DWS, GSF6001DBR, GSF6001DWS, GSI2320BR, GSI2320WS, GSI2350BR, GSI2350WS, GSI2372BE, GSI2372BR, GSI2372GB, GSI2372WS, GSI2372WS-GB, GSI331SL/BR, GSI331SL/IN, GSI331SL/SW, GSI331SL/WS, GSI3320S/BR, GSI3320S/WS, GSI3320SL/BR, GSI3320SL/WS, GSI3330/1BR, GSI3330/1SW, GSI3330/1WS, GSI3330S/BR, GSI3330S/WS, GSI3330SL/BR, GSI3330SL/BR-GB, GSI3330SL/WS, GSI3330SL/WS-GB, GSI3332S/IN, GSI3332SL/BR, GSI3332SL/IN, GSI3332SL/SW, GSI3332SL/WS, GSI3342SL/BR, GSI3342SL/IN, GSI3342SL/SW, GSI3342SL/WS, GSI3350S/BR, GSI3350S/WS, GSI3352IN, GSI3352S/IN, GSI3352SL/BR, GSI3352SL/IN, GSI3352SL/SW, GSI3352SL/WS, GSI3354/IN, GSI3354/SL/IN, GSI3354/SL/SW, GSI3354/SL/WS, GSI3354SL/BR, GSI3374/1/BR, GSI3374/1/SW, GSI3374/1/WS, GSI3374/1WS-GB, GSI3374/S/BR, GSI3374/S/IN, GSI3374/S/SP, GSI3374/S/SW, GSI3374/S/WS, GSI3374/SL/SW, GSI3374/SL/WS, GSI3374S/BR, GSI3374S/WS, GSI3374SL/BR, GSI3395BR, GSI3395S/BR, GSI3395S/SW, GSI3395SP, GSI3395SW, GSI3395WS, GSU2232DBR, GSU3252/D/BR, GSU3254S/DBR, GSU3254S/DWS

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Universal Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

Universal Dishwasher Cutlery Basket


This sturdy universal cutlery basket is an ideal replacement for most dishwashers and has a detachable handle.

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