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Lamona Main Oven Door Seal Gasket

Lamona Main Oven Door Seal Gasket

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Indesit Main Oven Door Seal Gasket

Indesit Main Oven Door Seal Gasket

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Ariston Four Sided Oven Door Seal
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Ariston Four Sided Oven Door Seal

  • Stock Code: C00027982[1]
  • Brand:  Ariston
  • Genuine Spare Part


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Same day dispatch before 2pm  

Same day dispatch before 2pm

This genuine replacement four sided oven door seal will fit select Ariston oven and cooker models.


  • Ariston Oven Door Seal
  • Seal Size 430mm x 360mm
  • Metal Clip Fixing
  • See Suitable Models

Oven door seal to fit appliance models:

Ariston Oven & Cooker
A2010, A2010BR, A2010/2, A2010/2BR, A2010/2WH, A2010WH, A2011, A2011BR, A2011/1, A2011/1BR, A2011/1WH, A2011/2, A2011/2BR, A2011/2GR, A2011/2WH, A2011WH, A2012, A2012BR, A2012WH, A2013, A2013BR, A2013WH, A2014, A2014BR, A2014WH, A2210, A2210BR, A2210WH, A2211, A2211BR, A2211WH, BL04VE5UK, BL40VE5UK, C659P(X)UK, FD87C(BK), FD87C(ICE), FD87C(WH), FD87CIX, FD88C(ALU), FD88C(BK), FD88C(ICE), FD88C(WH), FD88DIX, FM8FBWNUK, FM8FUK, FM8FWUK, FM8GUK, FM21, FM24T, FM24TGB, FM27M, FM27MIX, FM51IXGB, FM54TGB, FM87, FM87CIXGB, FM87FBK, FM87FWH, FM272BRGB, FM272GB, FM272WHGB, FM373FBRGB, FM373FGB, FM373FWHGB, FM374GBRGB, FM374GGB, FM374GMRGB, FM374GWHGB, FS11, FS41, FS41(BR)GB, FS41(WH)GB, FS211BRGB, FS211BRGB.1, FS211GB, FS211GB.1, FS211WHGB, FS211WHGB.1, FV4UK, FV8UK, FV34DGB(BK), FV34DGB(GN), FV34DGB(WH), FV37BKGB, FV37BRGB, FV37GB, FV37GNGB, FV37WHGB, FV242DBRGB, FV242DGB, FV242DWHGB, FV271BKGB, FV271BRGB, FV271GB, FV271GNGB, FV271WHGB, G504E2ALGB, G504E2GB, G504E2WGB, G540G2GB, G604M9.2GB, G605VGB, G640M9.2GB, I-F2UK, IC/FV8, IF-F2, IF/FM8FUK, IF/FV2, I/F2UK, I/FV4UK, IV/FM8, IV/FM8GUK, IV/FM10ELUK, KL04EVESUK, KL04VESUK, KL40EVESUK, KL40GSUK, KL40VESUK, M04E1UK, PBL04E01UK, SFOA2, SOA2

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