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AEG Washing Machine Pump
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AEG Washing Machine Pump

  • Stock Code: PA1203
  • Brand:  AEG
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement Aeg washing machine drain pump.


  • Aeg Drain Pump
  • Type: Askoll

Fits these models:

L11840VIT, L11842VIT, L12843VIT, L14840, L14850, L14950, L16850, L16850A3, L16950A3, L50815, L52810, L61271WDBI, L61470WDBI, L62642VI, L62810, L62825, L62840, L63742VI, L64810, L64819, L64840, L66840, L74650, L74810, L74825, L74850A, L74850B, L74850M, L74900, L74950, L75480WD, L76650, L76810, L76819, L76825, L77685WD, L84950, L86810, L86850, L87695WD, L88810, LAV50630, LAV50800, LAV50810, LAV52600, LAV52810, LAV54600, LAV54810, LAV62600, LAV62800, LAV62810, LAV62820, LAV64600, LAV64810, LAV66600, LAV72640, LAV74640, LAV74689, LAV74700, LAV74800, LAV74810, LAV74820, LAV76689, LAV76800, LAV76810, LAV76820, LAV86800, LAV86810, LAV88800, LAV88810, LAVALOGIC1610, LAVALOGIC1620, LAVW1050, LAVW1059, LAVW1159, LAVW1250, LAVW1259, LAVW1450, LL1620

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