Oven Grill Pan Handle

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Genuine grill pan handle to fit many popular Aeg, Electrolux, John Lewis, Moffat, Parkinson Cowan, Tricity Bendix and Zanussi cooker and ovens as shown.


  • Grill Pan Handle

Fits these models:

Aeg Oven Models, 3031B-B, 3031B-D, 3031B-W, 3210BU-B, 3210BU-D, 3210BU-D2, 3210BU-G2, 3210BU-M, 3210BU-RG, 3210BU-W, 3210BU-W2, 3215V-D, 3215V-W, 5210BU-D, 5210BU-W, 5212BU-A, 5212BU-D, 5212BU-M, 5212BU-M2, 5212BU-W, 5212BU-W2, A90GARCRDN, A90GATCBUL, A90GATCBUN, A90GATCGRL, A90GATCGRN, A90GATCRDL, AEG3030B, AEG3030W, AEG30380B, AEG30380W, B1180-4 M UK R07, B1180-4 W UK R07, B1180-4-B UK, B1180-4-M UK, B1180-4-M UK R05, B1180-4-W UK, B1180-4-W UK R05, B2100-4 B UK R07, B2100-4 M UK R07, B2100-4 W UK R07, B2100-4-B UK, B2100-4-B UK R05, B2100-4-M UK, B2100-4-M UK R05, B2100-4-W UK, B2100-4-W UK R05, B3101-4-B UK, B3101-4-B UK R05, B3101-4-D UK, B3101-4-D UK R05, B3101-4-M UK, B3101-4-M UK R05, B3101-4-W UK, B3101-4-W UK R05, B4101-4-A UK, B4101-4-A UK R05, B4101-4-B UK, B4101-4-B UK R05, B4101-4-M UK, B4101-4-M UK R05, B4101-4-W UK, B4101-4-W UK R05, B5741-4-A UK, B5741-4-A UK R05, B5741-4-B UK, B5741-4-B UK R05, B5741-4-M UK, B5741-4-M UK R05, B5741-4-W UK, B8871-4-A UK, B8871-4-A UK R05, B8871-4-A UK R07, B8871-4-M UK, B8871-4-M UK R05, B8871-4-M UK R07, B9879-4-M UK, B9879-4-M UK R05, B9879-4-M UK R07, D1100-4-M, D1100-4-W, D1100-5-M, D1100-5-W, D67000VF-M, D67000VF-W, D98000VF-M, D98000VF-W, E2191-4-A UK, E2191-4-A UK R05, U3100-4-B, U3100-4-D, U3100-4-M, U3100-4-W, U3100-5-M, U3100-5-W, U7101-4-A, U7101-4-M, U7101-5-M, Electra, EL303GR, EL303W, EL305C, EL323GR, EL323W, EL373W, Electrolux Oven Models, CF604, CSB4411, DTC50GASS, EBUSS, ED925B, ED925W, EDB705B, EDB705GR, EDB705S, EDB705W, EDB710B, EDB710W, EDB710X, EDB710X2, EDB715BU, EDB715GR, EDB715W, EDB750B, EDB750W, EDB872BL, EDB872BN, EDB872SVN, EDB872WL, EDB872WN, EDB874BL, EDB874BN, EDB874WL, EDB874WN, EDB876BUL, EDB876BUN, EDB876GRL, EDB876GRN, EDB876WL, EDB876WN, EDOMBR, EDOMSS, EDOMWH, EIKG5546KL, EIKG5546KN, EIKG5546WL, EIKG5546WN, EIKG5547XL, EIKG5547XN, EIKG6046KL, EIKG6046KN, EIKG6046WL, EIKG6046WN, EIKG6049XL, EIKG6049XN, EK5361GR, EK5361W, EK5361X, EKC5044K, EKC5044W, EKC5045X, EKC5544K, EKC5544W, EKC5545X, EKC6044K, EKC6044W, EKC6045X, EKC6046K, EKC6046W, EKC6047X, EKC6049X, EKG5046KL, EKG5046KN, EKG5046WN, EKG5047XN, EKG5048KL, EKG5048KN, EKG5048WN, EKG5049XN, EKG5542KN, EKG5542WN, EKG5543XN, EKG6046KN, EKG6046WN, EKG6047XN, EKM6047XN, EKT6045X, EOB5600B UK R05, EOB5600W UK R05, EOB5600X UK R05, EOB5610B UK R05, EOB5610K UK R05, EOB5610W UK R05, EOB5610X UK R05, EOB5630B UK R05, EOB5630K UK R05, EOB5630W UK R05, EOB5630X UK R05, EOB5665G UK R05, EOB6630K UK R05, EOB6630W UK R05, EOB6630X UK R05, EOB6630XK UK R05, EOB6632K UK R05, EOB6632W UK R05, EOB6632X UK R05, EOB6636X UK R05, EOB6696X UK R05, EOB948B, EOB948W, EOB949B, EOB949W, EOC6630K UK R05, EOC6630X UK R05, EOC6690X UK R05, EOD982B, EOD982C, EOD982W, EOD983X, EOD984B, EOD984W, EOD985B, EOD985BU, EOD985GR, EOD985RD, EOD985W, EOG600BL, EOG600BN, EOG600WL, EOG600WN, EOG7330WL, EOG7330WN, EOG7330XL, EOG7330XN, EOG900BL, EOG900BN, EOG900SVN, EOG900WL, EOG900WN, EOU41000W, EOU41000X, EOU43002K, EOU43002W, EOU43002X, EOU5330W, EOU5330X, EOU63102X, EOU6330B, EOU6330K, EOU6330U, EOU6330W, EOU6330X, EOU6330XK, EOU6335X, EOU6365G, ES635B, ES635W, ESI525B, ESI525W, SG306BL, SG306BN, SG306SL, SG306SN, SG306WL, SG306WN, SG429XL, SG429XN, SG455BKL, SG455BKN, SG455WL, SG455WN, SIE505SSE, ZHM868B, ZHM868W, Group, ZCE7200W, John Lewis Oven Models, JLDUOS705, Moffat Oven Models, MDB700W, MDB700X, Parkinson Cowan Oven Models, 60GA, 60GM, 90GA, A60GA/2BL, A60GA/2BN, A60GA/2WL, A60GA/2WN, A60GATCBUL, A60GATCBUN, A60GATCGRL, A60GATCGRN, A60GATCWL, A60GATCWN, A60GM/2BL, A60GM/2BN, A60GM/2WL, A60GM/2WN, A90GA/2BL, A90GA/2BN, A90GA/2WL, A90GA/2WN, CSG404CN, CSG427XN, R1200BUL, R1200BUN, R1200CL, R1200CN, R1200GRL, R1200GRN, SG305BN, SG305CN, SG305GRN, SG305SN, SG305WN, SG320BKN, SG320BN, SG320GRN, SG320SVN, SG320WL, SG320WN, SG340GRN, SG340SVN, SG340WN, SG402WN, SG405RCL, SG405RCN, SG405RGRL, SG405RGRN, SG414BL, SG414BN, SG414WL, SG414WN, SG428XN, SG454BKN, SG454BN, SG454GRN, SG454SVN, SG454WN, Tricity Bendix Oven Models, 1509, 1588W, 1992, 2000S, 2100C, 2200R, 3000S, 4610W, ATB3441, ATB3451, ATB3510, ATB3511, ATB3520, ATB3521, ATB4411, ATB4421, ATB4510, ATB4511, ATB45121, ATB4520, ATB4610, ATB4611, ATB4620, ATB4621, BD900/2B, BD900/2W, BD910B, BD910BNA, BD910W, BD910WNA, BD911B/1, BD911W/1, BS621B/1, BS621W/1, BS630BNA, BS660B, BS660W, CSE327SV, CSE327W, CSE452SV, CSE452W, CSG500XN, CSI255W, CSI3302 B, CSI6001B, CSI6001W, CSIE316BU, CSIE316GR, CSIE316W, CSIE317B, CSIE317GR, CSIE317W, CSIE500B, CSIE500GR, CSIE500W, DSIE328GR, DSIE328W, DSIE343GR, DSIE343W, DSIE456BK, DSIE456GR, DSIE456SV, DSIE456W, DSIE500W, E710B, E710W, EL370W, RE50GCBK, RE50GCGR, RE50GCW, RE50GGR, RE50GW, RE50MW, RSE50MGR, RSE50MW, SB200/1, SB200/2, SB200/3W, SB411W, SB412W, SB415GR, SB416GR, SB422B, SB422W, SB423W, SB430B, SB430W, SB431B, SB431C, SB431GR, SB431W, SB432C, SB432W, SB461B, SB462B, SB463BK, SE305B, SE305C, SE305GR, SE305S, SE305W, SE310FPS, SE310W, SE323B, SE323BK, SE323GR, SE323SV, SE323W, SE326SV, SE326W, 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ZCE5000BK, ZCE5000W, ZCE5001X, ZCE5200BK, ZCE5200SV, ZCE5200W, ZCE7300W, ZCE7350BL, ZCE7350G, ZCE7400B, ZCE7400W, ZCE7550BK, ZCE7550W, ZCE7551X, ZCE7600B, ZCE7600W, ZCE7700C, ZCE7700G, ZCE7700X, ZCE7800B, ZCE7800W, ZCG5000BKN, ZCG5000WN, ZCG5001XN, ZCG5300BKN, ZCG5300SVN, ZCG5300WL, ZCG5300WN, ZCG7540WN, ZCG7550BKN, ZCG7550WL, ZCG7550WN, ZCG7551XL, ZCG7551XN, ZCG7552XL, ZCG7552XN, ZCG7610SVN, ZCG7610W, ZCG7610WL, ZCG7610WN, ZCG7680BK, ZCG7680BKN, ZCG7680W, ZCG7680WN, ZCG7690XL, ZCG7690XN, ZCG7902XL, ZCG7902XN, ZCM7902XL, ZCM7902XN, ZDF290B, ZDF290W, ZDF290X, ZDF290XC, ZDG58B, ZDG58W, ZHF470B, ZHF470W, ZHF470X, ZHF865B, ZHF865N, ZHF865W, ZHF865X, ZHQ575ALU, ZHQ575N, ZHQ575W, ZHQ575X, ZKC5020S1, ZKC5020W1, ZKC5020X1, ZKC5030K1, ZKC5030S1, ZKC5030W, ZKC5030X, ZKC5030X1, ZKC5540S, ZKC5540W, ZKC5540X, ZKC6010W, ZKC6020S, ZKC6020W, ZKC6020X, ZKC6040S, ZKC6040W, ZKC6040X, ZKG5020BL1, ZKG5020SL1, ZKG5020SN1, ZKG5020WFN, ZKG5020WL1, ZKG5020WN, ZKG5020WN1, ZKG5030KL1, ZKG5030SN1, ZKG5030WN, ZKG5030WN1, ZKG5030XN, ZKG5030XN1, ZKG5540SN, ZKG5540WN, ZKG5540XN, ZKG6010WN, ZKG6020SN, ZKG6020WN, ZKG6040SN, ZKG6040WN, ZKG6040XN, ZKM6040SN, ZKM6040WN, ZKM6040XN, ZKS5010B1, ZKS5010S1, ZKS5010W1, ZKT6050W, ZKT6050X, ZOD330W, ZOD330X, ZOD350X, ZOD890X, ZOU330W, ZOU330X, ZOU575N, ZOU575X, ZSG38, ZUA65B, ZUA65W, ZUF270W, ZUF270X, ZUQ875N, ZUQ875W, ZUQ875X

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11 Reviews:

Parkinson Cowan Grill Pan Handle
14 August 2021  |  Peter

Excellent service and great value, product was as described.
Excellent spares catalogue
Highly recommend this company

Grill-pan Handle for AEG
15 June 2021  |  Keith

Well made handle and only 3 days to be delivered.

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