Thermal Cut Out

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Genuine thermal cut out or Zn Limitor for the cooling fan motor. This part will fit AEG Electrolux and Zanussi oven and cooker models listed.


  • Oven Thermal Cut Out.
  • See below for list of models this part fits.

Fits these models:

AEG Cooker Models, B1180-4 M UK R07, B1180-4 W UK R07, B1180-4-B UK, B1180-4-B UK, B1180-4-M UK, B1180-4-M UK, B1180-4-M UK R05, B1180-4-W UK, B1180-4-W UK, B1180-4-W UK R05, B1180-5-M UK R08, B2100-4 B UK R07, B2100-4 M UK R07, B2100-4 W UK R07, B2100-4-B UK, B2100-4-B UK, B2100-4-B UK R05, B2100-4-M UK, B2100-4-M UK, B2100-4-M UK R05, B2100-4-W UK, B2100-4-W UK, B2100-4-W UK R05, B2100-5-M UK R08, B2100-5-W UK R08, B3101-4-B UK, B3101-4-B UK, B3101-4-B UK R05, B3101-4-D UK, B3101-4-D UK, B3101-4-D UK R05, B3101-4-M EURO, B3101-4-M EURO, B3101-4-M UK, B3101-4-M UK, B3101-4-M UK R05, B3101-4-W EURO, B3101-4-W EURO, B3101-4-W UK, B3101-4-W UK, B3101-4-W UK R05, B3101-5-B UK R08, B3101-5-M UK R08, B3101-5-W UK R08, B4101-4-A EURO, B4101-4-A EURO, B4101-4-A UK, B4101-4-A UK, B4101-4-A UK R05, B4101-4-B EURO, B4101-4-B EURO, B4101-4-B UK, B4101-4-B UK, B4101-4-B UK R05, B4101-4-M EURO, B4101-4-M EURO, B4101-4-M UK, B4101-4-M UK, B4101-4-M UK R05, B4101-4-W EURO, B4101-4-W EURO, B4101-4-W UK, B4101-4-W UK, B4101-4-W UK R05, B4101-5-B UK R08, B4101-5-M UK R08, B6100-1-D, CB1100-1-B EURO, CB1100-1-B EURO, CB1100-1-D EURO, CB1100-1-D EURO, CB1100-1-M EURO, CB1100-1-M EURO, CB1100-1-W EURO, CB1100-1-W EURO, CB1100-2-B EURO, CB1100-2-B EURO, CB1100-2-M EURO, CB1100-2-M EURO, CB1100-2-W EURO, CB1100-2-W EURO, CB1180-1-M UK, CB1180-1-M UK, CB1180-1-W UK, CB1180-1-W UK, CB2100-1-B UK, CB2100-1-B UK, CB2100-1-D UK, CB2100-1-D UK, CB2100-1-G UK, CB2100-1-G UK, CB2100-1-M UK, CB2100-1-M UK, CB2100-1-W UK, CB2100-1-W UK, CB2190-1-B UK, CB2190-1-B UK, CB2190-1-M UK, CB2190-1-M UK, CB2190-1-W UK, CB2190-1-W UK, CB3100-1-B EURO, CB3100-1-B EURO, CB3100-1-M EURO, CB3100-1-M EURO, CB3100-1-W EURO, CB3100-1-W EURO, CB3190-1-B EURO, CB3190-1-B EURO, CB3190-1-M EURO, CB3190-1-M EURO, CB3190-1-W EURO, CB3190-1-W EURO, CB4100-1-A EURO, CB4100-1-A EURO, CB4100-1-A UK, CB4100-1-A UK, CB4100-1-B EURO, CB4100-1-B EURO, CB4100-1-D EURO, CB4100-1-D EURO, CB4100-1-D UK, CB4100-1-D UK, CB4100-1-M EURO, CB4100-1-M EURO, CB4100-1-M UK, CB4100-1-M UK, CB4100-1-W EURO, CB4100-1-W EURO, CB4100-1-W SKAND, CB4100-1-W SKAND, CB4100-1-W UK, CB4100-1-W UK, CB6100-1-A EURO, CB6100-1-A EURO, CB6100-1-B EURO, CB6100-1-B EURO, CB6100-1-M EURO, CB6100-1-M EURO, CB6100-1-M UK, CB6100-1-M UK, CB6100-1-W EURO, CB6100-1-W EURO, CB6100-1-W UK, CB6100-1-W UK, CE1100-1-B EURO, CE1100-1-B EURO, CE1100-1-M EURO, CE1100-1-M EURO, CE1100-1-W EURO, CE1100-1-W EURO, CE1100-2-B EURO, CE1100-2-B EURO, CE1100-2-M EURO, CE1100-2-M EURO, CE1100-2-W EURO, CE1100-2-W EURO, CE3100-1-B EURO, CE3100-1-B EURO, CE3100-1-D EURO, CE3100-1-D EURO, CE3100-1-M EURO, CE3100-1-M EURO, CE3100-1-W EURO, CE3100-1-W EURO, CE3190-1-B EURO, CE3190-1-B EURO, CE3190-1-M EURO, CE3190-1-M EURO, CE4100-1-A EURO, CE4100-1-A EURO, CE4100-1-B EURO, CE4100-1-B EURO, CE4100-1-D EURO, CE4100-1-D EURO, CE4100-1-M EURO, CE4100-1-M EURO, CE4100-1-W EURO, CE4100-1-W EURO, D4111-6-M, D31016-B, D31016-M, D31016-W, D41116-M, DC4003000M, DC4003020M, DE4003000B, DE4003000M, DE4003020M, E2190-1-A, E2191-4-A UK, E2191-4-A UK, E2191-4-A UK R05, NC4003000M, NC4003020M, U4111-6-M, U4111-6-W, U41116M, Electrolux Cooker Models, EKC603602X, EOB5630B UK, EOB5630B UK R05, EOB5630K UK, EOB5630K UK R05, EOB5630W UK, EOB5630W UK R05, EOB5630X UK, EOB5630X UK R05, EOB5665G UK, EOB5665G UK R05, EOB6630B UK, EOB6630C UK, EOB6630K UK, EOB6630K UK R05, EOB6630U UK, EOB6630W UK, EOB6630W UK R05, EOB6630XK UK, EOB6630XK UK R05, EOB6630X UK, EOB6630X UK R05, EOB6632K UK, EOB6632K UK R05, EOB6632U UK, EOB6632W UK, EOB6632W UK R05, EOB6632X UK, EOB6632X UK R05, EOB6636X UK, EOB6636X UK R05, EOB53000B UK ENV06, EOB53000K UK ENV06, EOB53000W UK ENV06, EOB53000X UK AFIPRI, EOB53000X UK ENV06, EOB63000W UK ENV06, EOB63000X UK AFIPRI, EOB63000X UK ENV06, EOB63100K UK ENV06, EOB63100X UK AFIPRI, EOB63100X UK ENV06, EOD33003K, EOD33003W, EOD33003X, EOD43103K, EOD43103W, EOD43103X, EOU33003X, EOU43003K, EOU43003W, EOU43003X, EOU63143X, John Lewis Cooker ModelsJLBIOS607, Zanussi Cooker Models, ZCV663MWC, ZCV663MWC, ZCV663MXC, ZCV663MXC, ZOD370W, ZOD370X, ZOD370X, ZOD580N, ZOD580N, ZOD580X, ZOD580X, ZOU370W, ZOU370X, ZOU580X, ZOU580X, ZOD370W, ZOU270X, ZOU270X, ZOU370N, ZOU370W, ZOU370X

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