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Tumble Dryer Thermostats

There are usually 2 or 3 types of thermostats found on tumble dryers, These are the thermal overload cut-out or overheat thermostat and the heat control thermostat.

Thermal Overload Cut-out
If your tumble dryer overheats, the TOC or one shot thermostat will trip and break the heating circuit. Thease thermostats do not automatically reset themselves and leave your tumble dryer turning but not heating.

Heat Control Thermostat
The heat control thermostat controls the heat by continually opening and closing the electrical circuit to the heater element. If the heat control thermostat is faulty it will mean there will be no heat, or the element will continue to heat until the temperature gets too hot and trips the TOC. The TOC and heat control thermostat should be sold as a pair and you must always replace both at the same time.

Why does the tumble dryer TOC keep tripping?
If your TOC thermostat has failed then there is usually a reason why. If it fails shortly after you have replaced it, there will be a reason why. It is simply pointless to replace it again without finding out why.    

Tumble Dryer Door Open Too Early
At the end of the drying cycle there is a cooling down period where the heating element is turned off but the air continues to be circulated around the dryer. This helps cool the heater element before you open the tumble dryer door.
If you open the door before the end of the cycle then the heater element will remain hot but the air circulation will have been stopped. This could cause the high temperature to trip the TOC.

Blocked Filter
If the air circulation is poor due to a blocked fluff filter, this will cause overheating and cause the thermostat to trip. These filters should be cleaned each time you use the tumble dryer and failure to do so could result in a risk of fire.

Trapped Vent Hose
If your tumble dryer has a vent hose, check that the hose has not become trapped or kinked.

Condenser Box
If you have a condenser dryer do not allow the water box to become too full.


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