Fan Oven Element 2500w

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Quality compatible fan oven element 2500w to fit select Zanussi ovens and cookers listed below.


  • 3 Turns
  • 2500 Watt
  • Height 255mm
  • Width 192mm
  • Equivalent to 3570039010

Fits these models:

EC5614, EC9614, FBI523/A, FBI533/A, FBI533SS, FBI533Z, FBI534/31B, FBI534/31W, FBI773B, FBI773W, FBI783B, FBI783W, FBI783X, FM5101, FM5230, FM5232, FM5611, FM5612, FM9101, FM9230, FM9232, FM9611, FM9612, MC5634, MC9634, ZBC748C, ZBC748G, ZBD902B, ZBD902W, ZBD903B, ZBD903W, ZBD904, ZBF760B, ZBF760W, ZBS701B, ZBS701W, ZBS703A, ZBS703B, ZBS703BL, ZBS703SS, ZBS703W, ZCE7000B, ZCE7000W, ZCM5200B, ZCM5200W, ZDA45B, ZDA45W, ZDA55B, ZDA55W, ZDM769X, ZSA10B, ZSA10W, ZSA15B, ZSA15W, ZSA25B, ZSA25W, ZSA35B, ZSA35W

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